Community Life - Residence Life Staff

Residence Life seeks to provide opportunities for growth in holistic development, meaningful connection, diverse perspectives, and critical thinking. Our Residence Life team knows your living experience is crucial to your overall development as a student. Within each hall, a Resident Director supervises several student Resident Assistants. Resident Assistants are students who live on the floors and provide guidance, mentorship, and support for the residents.

Ross Baker

Dean of Student Development

Phone: 618-664-7115
Email: [email protected]

Naomi Brown

Director of Residence Life and Housing

Phone: 618-664-7116
Email: [email protected]

Rebecca buehrer

Graduate-Assistant Coordinator of Residence Education

Phone: 618-604-8863
Email: [email protected]

Terrell Carter

Chief Diversity Officer and Special Advisor to the President

Phone: 618-664-7009
Email: [email protected]

Johnny Hinton

Coordinator of Residence Education of Hood Hall

Phone: 618.664.6695
Email: [email protected]

Tori Papez

Graduate Assistant

Phone: office:618.664.6610 mobile:636.248.4812
Email: [email protected]

Kelli Pryor

Coordinator of Career Services

Phone: 618-664-6655
Email: [email protected]

George Smith

Campus Counselor

Phone: Office: 618-664-6607 Mobile: 618-709-6595
Email: [email protected]

Dana Smith

Administrative Assistant for Community Life

Phone: office: 618.664.7121 cell: 618.225.1888
Email: [email protected]

Pedro Valentin

Director of Diversity Initiatives

Phone: 618-664-6804
Email: [email protected]

Michael Ward

Coordinator of Residence Education and Instructor

Phone: 618.664.5280
Email: [email protected]

Kareem Watts

Associate Director of Leadership Development, Student Engagement, and Instructor

Phone: 618.664.6542
Email: [email protected]

Shua Wilmot

Resident Director

Phone: 618-664-7116
Email: [email protected]

Karissa Woody

Mailroom Supervisor and Staff Accountant

Phone: 618-664-7090
Email: [email protected]

In charge of Mailroom