Student Life - Commuter FAQ

Q: Who is considered a commuter student?

A: Any student who does not live in campus housing is considered a commuter. Students wishing to live off-campus must apply for and meet the criteria for off-campus housing each academic year. Students approved for off-campus housing will receive notification that their application has been approved. Contact Ross Baker, Director of Housing for an application.

Q: What is NSO and do commuters need to attend?

A: NSO, or New Student Orientation is held prior to the start of each school year. NSO is for new students, both residential and commuter. It is strongly recommended for students to attend NSO in order to orient themselves to the campus and to receive important information about their time at Greenville College. It is also an influential time for students to begin to build relationships with other students and with faculty and staff.

Q: How do commuter students register their cars for parking?

A: Commuter car information should be filled out on FastTrack. Parking tags can then be picked up in the Campus Safety Office.

Q: Where can a commuter student park?

A: Commuter students can park in lots B, C, E, F, G, L, N, O, P, R and S. Commuter students can also park on the streets. Commuters CANNOT park in the Freshman parking lot, Faculty and Staff parking, or the Blankenship Apartment lot. You can register for a parking permit with Campus Safety. Occasionally a commuter car will get ticketed when parked on the street. If it is a GC parking ticket, when it appears in the office of Campus Safety it will not be charged.

Q: Can commuter students park overnight?

A: Commuter students should communicate with Campus Safety if they plan on leaving their car on campus past midnight. If a commuter student wishes to stay overnight with a friend, they should contact Campus Safety to ensure parking arrangements.

Q: If a commuter student’s car is in the shop and they have a rental, do they need to register the rental car?

A: If there are multiple cars that you will drive to campus on a regular basis, you can register a second car for only $5. If you have two cars registered, only one may be parked on campus at a time. However, if you have a rental or loaner that you will only be driving for a short amount of time, you can get a temporary parking pass from Campus Safety for no charge.

Q: What is the policy for commuter student attendance in the event of bad weather?

A: Students are encouraged to sign up for the Emergency Alert System through Greenville College. This system notifies students through text message when weather becomes a concern. In the event that the college does not cancel classes, and you are unable to safely commute to school, please contact your professors to make arrangements.

Q: Where should commuter students pick up and return their textbooks?

A: During the Fall, Interterm, and Spring semesters, commuter students’ books will be held in the bookstore. When you arrive on campus for classes, commuters should bring their ID to the bookstore to pick up their books. For Summer classes, books will be shipped to the address you provide on Fasttrack. Textbooks for summer courses will be shipped with information on how to return books to GC’s bookstore service provider, Tree Of Life. If you have any additional questions please contact the Bookstore.

Q: What is D2L?

A: D2L, or Desire 2 Learn, is the database that Greenville College uses to manage courses. Students will login to D2L using their student ID number and password. Students can contact professors regarding classes through D2L, turn in assignments, check grades and find course information on D2L. If you experience problems with your D2L account, please contact Rhonda Gregory.

Q: Can commuter students buy food in the Dining Commons (DC) with cash or credit card? Can commuter students purchase FlexDollars?

A: Commuter students can purchase munch money, which can be used like cash in the DC or the Union. Students can also pay cash in the DC and cash or credit in the Union. Contact Libby Zbinden, General Manager for food services at 618-664-7140 for more information on purchasing munch money.

Q: Can commuter students use the exercise facility on campus?

A: Yes, all students are eligible to use the Fitness Training Center. The Fitness Training Center is a 24-hour facility to accommodate the various schedules of all students. Just confirm with Campus Safety that your student ID is coded for entry.

Q: Which WiFi connection should commuter students use?

A: The WiFi connection “panther” can be used by students. Occasionally, students with iPhone 5, 5s or 5c have experienced problems connecting to panther. If you experience this problem, please contact IT support.

Q. What job opportunities are there on campus?

A: Both residential and commuter students are eligible to apply for campus jobs. Greenville College offers a variety of job opportunities for students, such as: Campus Safety, Food Services, Library Services, Resident Chaplain, Teacher’s Assistants, Rec Center and Gym Attendants, Admissions Ambassador, IT Help Desk and more. If you are interested in one of these positions, see the contact sheet below to contact the appropriate person.

Q: How can commuter students get involved on campus?

A: There are a wide variety of student organizations on campus to get involved with! Organizations range from study abroad programs, athletics, service opportunities, spiritual growth, community involvement and leadership opportunities. A full list of student organizations can be found here. Commuter students are more than welcome to participate in any all-campus events or organizations. If you are looking for additional ways to get connected on campus besides through organizations, contact Tim Caldwell, Associate Dean of Residence Life, to learn about more interactive ways to get involved.

Q: Are there ways to get involved on campus without joining an organization?

A: Yes! Greenville College offers a wide array of organizations, but also offers a variety of other activities to get involved in. These include intramural sports, tutoring, marching band or hosting an international student. If you are interested in one of these activities see the contact sheet below to contact the appropriate person.

Q: Can commuter students attend athletic events?

A: All students are welcome and encouraged to attend athletic games and events. With the exception of conference tournaments, games are free to all GC students. See the Athletics page for more info.

Q: What is Vespers?

A: Vespers is a student-led worship service that is held on Thursday evenings at 9:30 p.m. in the recital hall. Vespers is a great way for students to grow in their faith and relationship with God as they join with their peers in worship. If you have any questions about Vespers or would like to get involved, contact Lori Gaffner at 618-664-7120 or [email protected].

Q: What is AgapeFest?

A: AgapeFest is a student-organized worship event that is hosted by Greenville College each year. AgapeFest is a great opportunity for students to experience worship and there are numerous opportunities to get involved.

Q: Is there a place for commuters to hang out on campus?

A: The library, Jo’s Java, Scott Field and the Union are open to all students to spend time between classes. The Union was remodeled in 2006 with commuter students in mind. The mission of the remodel was to develop a place for students to spend time between classes. The Union offers a snack bar, ping pong, foosball and pool tables and is ideal for spending time between classes, meeting with friends to study and participating in Christian Fellowship on the Greenville College campus. The Union is open from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Q: Who can commuters go to when they need help with    (fill in the blank)    ?

A: Below is a list of people to contact if you have questions on a variety of topics.

Contact Ross Baker if you need assistance with off-campus housing applications or would like to learn about ways to get involved on campus.

Director of Housing
Office: Greenville Central
Phone: (618) 664-7121
Email:[email protected]edu

Contact Melissa Cantrill if you need assistance with financial aid or student billing.

Director of Student Account Services
Office: Student Financial Services
Phone: (618) 664-7113
Email: [email protected]

Contact Lori Gaffner if you have questions concerning chapel or other forms of spiritual development on campus.

Director of Spiritual Formation; Assistant Professor of Religion; Dean of the Chapel
Phone: (618) 664-7120
Email: [email protected]

Contact Marcos Gilmore if you need assistance with any of the resources that student development provides, such as tutoring.

Dean of Student Success
Office: Student Success Center
Phone: (618) 664-6616
Email: [email protected] 

Contact David Kessinger if you need assistance with financial aid

Associate Director of Financial Aid
Office: Lower Armington
Phone: (618) 664-7109
Email: [email protected] 

Contact Jennifer Munshaw or Erika Naes if you need assistance with your records, such as transcripts of transfer credits.

Records Office
Phone: (618) 664-7025 (Jennifer) or  (618) 664-7023 (Erika)
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Contact Mallory Sample if you would like to take advantage of counseling or CLEP testing.

Associate Dean of Counseling Services
Office: Library Room 222
Phone: (618) 664-6810
Email: [email protected]

Contact Fallon Sparks if you would like to take advantage of academic support on campus.

Director of Academic Support
Office: Student Success Center
Phone: (618) 664-6597
Email: [email protected]

Contact the IT Support Center if you need assistance with Information Technology.

[email protected]
Phone: 618-664-7077
Address: 503 S Prairie St, Greenville, IL 62246
Full Service Hours: 8:00am to 4:30pm M-F
Student Help Only: 4:30-7:00 M-Th