Will Fairbanks

Will Fairbanks

Director of the Marching Band; Instructor of Music

Year Started at GC: 2010
Phone: (618) 664-6565
Fax: (618) 664-6580
Email: will.fairbanks@greenville.edu
Areas of Responsibility:

Director of Marching Band and Pep Band

Will Fairbanks joined the Greenville community in 2010 as the new Director of Band Programs. With his addition, Greenville has added a brand new marching band that will be performing starting Fall of 2011.

About Will Fairbanks

What's your favorite thing about working at Greenville College?

My favorite aspect of this job is taking a group of individuals and bringing them together to accomplish a goal and create a performance, whether on the field in a marching band show or in a parade or in the stands or on the stage. I help students learn to breathe life into a two dimensional page of lines and dots and recreating what the composers intended with their music. Music is created in the soul then written on lifeless paper. When students can breathe into that lifeless paper giving it its soul back, if you will, then they will experience the connection with that composer. Watching and being a part of a group that learns how to make those connections, expresses themselves through music and takes ownership in that process, that is what makes this an exciting job.

What attracted you to the Music Department, and how do you use it outside of the classroom?

I have enjoyed music for as long as I can remember, from singing to playing recorder and snare drum to ukulele and trumpet. I participated in various groups in junior and senior high school as well as in college. I started a Christian acting and performing group at the Wesley Foundation on campus and directed a college handbell group while in college. I have always enjoyed performing but when I took my first conducting class, well, that was it! I knew what I wanted to do - conduct bands: marching bands, symphonic bands, swing and jazz bands.

I am active as a performer with bands, orchestras and on stage as a singer, dancer, actor, instrumentalist and comedian. I have organized church wind bands and orchestras and write arrangements utilizing whatever instrumentation is available in that church. I perform frequently in churches. I serve as a clinician for marching, concert and jazz bands and have judged those groups as well as solo and ensemble, all state, sight-reading and various other competitions.


Related Experiences

Director of Bands, 1997 - 2010 Trinity Valley Community Colleg, Athens, TX
Marching band, Symphonic band, Jazz band, Basketball pep band, Community band, Brass ensemble, Dixieland Combo, Applied Brass, Fundamental Music Theory, Applied Percussion, Percussion ensemble, Applied Woodwinds, Woodwind Ensemble, Music Appreciation, Coordinate Summer Drum Major and Color guard Camps, Coordinate TVCC High School Select Honor Band, Clinic high school and middle school marching and concert bands, Judge drum major and color guard tryouts, solo and ensemble, marching, concert and sight-reading contests, Chart competition marching shows for area high school bands.

Director of Bands, 1993-1997, Kaufman High School, Kaufman, TX
Head of Music Department, Marching band, Symphonic band, Music Appreciation, Director/Instructor - Peer Assistance and Leadership/Peer Counseling Program


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