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Our MBA Program

The Masters of Business Administration degree is based on the "technical skills" needed in business administration. This program is designed to equip a student with practical working knowledge and skills to enter and establish a foothold or advance in their workplace. The MBA degree focuses on one area, Business Management. Students of the MBA program study the theory and application of management principles. This study equips students with knowledge that can be applied to a variety of real world business situations. By conveying practical knowledge and essential skills in such areas as management, accounting, economics, finance, strategy and marketing, the MBA readies students for the demands of contemporary business leadership in a complex and uncertain business environment.

Courses are offered entirely online.

Master of Business Administration is formatted to meet the needs of working adults. Students will use Greenville's online learning platform to submit assignments, discuss organizational issues, and stay connected with professors and peers.

Online courses at Greenville College are designed with student engagement at the core. Online students are challenged with a variety of learning experiences both independently and cooperatively within the course. The amount of interaction varies by subject, but a well-managed study plan will help the online learner stay focused, on task, and involved. 

During the program you will:

  • Earn a master's degree from Greenville College in as little as two years
  • Learn from faculty with real-world experience
  • Work closely with practicing or aspiring managers and organizational leaders
  • Complete an action research project to effect change within your organization
  • Use management theory to address daily operational challenges and implement long term strategic goals

Effective Learning for the Workplace

A wide variety of master's level business programs exist, and one of your most difficult choices is deciding which program fits your needs. Greenville's Master of Business Administration degree is ideal for students who want to develop business administration skills. The program emphasizes highly relevant, workplace-based situations by requiring students to produce a Capstone Action Research Project. It utilizes a practical approach that benefits working professionals because it allows the immediate integration of actionable knowledge and critical thinking skills in their working environment.

Students will participate in hands-on learning methods and case studies which will allow them to reflect on practices encountered in the workplace along with decision-making skills that can impact workplace situations. 
Students are fully engaged with their organization throughout the master's program. This approach allows meaningful and positive changes to be implemented along with critical reflection.

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