Transfer FAQ

February 03, 2020

Where do I start?

First things first, fill out the application. It is free and puts you in contact with the right people. Second, send in unofficial/official copies of your transcripts to go along with your application. We will review your application once we have these materials together. Get us added to your FAFSA so that we can begin working on a financial aid package for you. Finally, pay your enrollment deposit.

Does it cost anything to apply?

No! Our application is completely free. You can fill it out online at any time here

How many of my credits will transfer?

In order to have your transcripts evaluated, fill out our free transfer application here and submit a copy of transcripts. Send a request to your admissions counselor to have your transcripts evaluated. Here are some general rules for your transfer credits:

1. The course is a 100-level course or higher

2. You received a passing grade

3. The course is NOT a college orientation/ student success course

Do my transcripts have to be an official copy to be admitted?

No, we can admit you off an unofficial copy of your transcript, but we will need an official copy prior to you starting classes.

Do you need my high school transcripts and test scores or just my college transcripts?

You will need to submit your high school transcripts and test scores if by the time you enroll you have not obtained 60 college credits. If you will have completed more than 12 college credits, we will admit you based on your college transcripts, but we still must have the high school transcripts and test scores on file.

What is the minimum academic requirement for a general admission to GU?

Consideration for admission will be given to students who hold a 2.0 GPA* or above.

*There are some exceptions to this rule. 

What if I do not meet the minimum academic requirement for general admission to GU?

Each application is considered on an individual basis. Should your academic performance fall below the requirements, an admissions counselor may request additional information regarding your academic history.

How many credits are required for graduation?

Each student is required to complete 120 credits for graduation. 

How many credits are able to be transferred in?

Greenville University allows each student up to 90 credits to transfer in. However, each student must take at least 40 credits to receive their diploma from Greenville University.

Do you offer academic scholarships for transfer students?

Yes! All accepted transfer students receive a merit scholarship ranging for $4,000 - $15,500 per year. There are also additional scholarship opportunities available to you depending on the time you apply.

Do you require an enrollment deposit before registering for classes?

Yes, but this $200 enrollment deposit is nothing additional. It would come off any remaining balance you may have. Your enrollment deposit lets us know that you are committed to attending GU! It reserves your spot in line for both housing and enrolling for classes. The sooner that you can do this, the better. 

Do I have to live on campus, or can I commute?

You are required to live on-campus in one of our dorms, apartments, or houses unless your permanent address is within 30 miles of campus, you are over the age of 23, or you are married. Of course, this can be addressed on a personal basis as well.