Bachelor of Science

Study agribusiness and take the next step towards agribusiness management. 

Our goal is to help you be the most qualified and talented candidate for positions you may seek in an agriculture-related industry. With this highly experiential program based on finance and analytics, you’ll learn how to provide compelling solutions for today’s agricultural challenges.

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We are within five hours of most agribusiness giants. Nearby industry headquarters include companies like Monsanto and Purina Mills.

Gain valuable work experience through practicums and internships with agribusiness companies like Rural King (Mattoon, IL), Eckert’s Orchard (Belleville, IL), and Rolling Lawn Farms (Greenville, IL).

Integrated learning

Prepare for your career with a well-rounded education that integrates science, applied math, and an understanding of law, politics, and economics.

Why GU


Faith-based. Take part in a unique program where you combine your faith with sound business practices.


Engaging courses. Learn to create business and marketing plans, grow your entrepreneurial skills in lab exercises, and acquire valuable experience in agricultural commodity market simulations.


Deepen your education. We’re a liberal arts school. That means you get a holistic education that introduces you to many subjects and ideas, helping you grow your interests and skills. 

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Agribusiness, BS Success Story

Success Stories

I decided to come to GU because I love the community here. I was surrounded by great people that really invested in me and always pushed me to be greater than I formerly was.

-Johnny Milabu

Agribusiness, BS Course Requirements

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