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Darrell Iler

Darrell Iler

Chemistry Department Chair, Professor of Chemistry and Director of STEM Programs

Year Started at GC: 2003
Phone: 618.664.6540
Areas of Responsibility:

Greenville Religion and Science Society (GRASS)


Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virgina Tech), 1995
M.S., Polymer Chemistry, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1993
B.A., Biology, Greenville College, 1977

Publications and Presentations

Iler H. D., Rutt E. Althoff S, Introducing Polymer Processing, Morphology and Property Relationships Through Experiments with Plastic PET Bottles (submitted to the Journal of Chemical Education 2003).

S. Sohn; A. Alizadeh; J. Quinn; H. Marand; L.C. Shank; H.D. Iler, Influence of Structural and Topological Constraints on the Crystalliztion and Melting Behavior of Polymers: 3. Bisphenol A Polycarbonate, Macromolecules 34 (12) 4066-4078 (2001).

Related Experiences

Awarded a National Science Foundation grant (DUE-9980948) for Introducing Polymer Science Across the Chemistry Curriculum (2000-2002).


  • Iler H. D. Application of Microcapsule Technology to a Tamper Evident Device for Vacuum Actuated Button Closures, 1992, US patent # 5,152,412
  • Heilman R.; Iler H. D. Tamper Evident Device for Mechanical Button Closures, 1991, US patent # 5,035,341

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