Greenville University students have immersed themselves in rich learning experiences for over a century. 

Greenville University has created partnerships that provide immersive learning experiences that occur off campus and support students' particular fields of interest. Students enrolled at Greenville University have access to these immersive semester-long experiences.

Find information here on the Contemporary Music Center (CMC) in Nashville, Tennessee, an immersive experience in the music industry for students who want to work in sound, lighting, video, promotion, media, performance, tour management, and more. CMC prepares college-age students for careers in the entertainment industry, challenging them to live out their faith as Christ-followers.

Our newest immersive experience is the Climb Experience Institute in the Dominican Republic. Climb is a gap semester program in partnership with Score International Ministries that features life-changing study abroad education and ministry. Climb is located on Score's campus in Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic, and offers students an immersive cultural and ministry opportunity while they earn college credits. 

The Healthcare Experience Institute is under development and will use an immersive, experiential education model to teach students the business of compassionate, holistic healthcare focusing on end-of-life care. Students will gain experience in the field of hospice care while practicing one of the four areas of holistic healthcare—medical, social work, chaplaincy, or business. This program will prepare students for jobs and graduate/professional school and develop them as compassionate caregivers. More information is coming soon. 


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