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Sport Management, BS

Core Course Requirements

ACCT101 Principles of Accounting I (3 Credits)

Nature and purpose of accounting; basic accounting concepts and procedures, double entry bookkeeping, methods of processing, summarizing and classifying financial data; balance sheets and income statements. (Offered every semester.)

BUSN101 Business Management (3 Credits)

What makes some for-profit businesses and not-for-profit organizations excel while other fail to thrive? Often it

DMDA120 Introduction to Digital Media (3 Credits)

This course explores digital media as an experimental cultural practice, with an emphasis on critical approaches to art and technology. Experiments in digital imaging, digital audio, digital video, and multi-media authoring will be conducted. Students will produce independent digital media production projects, individually and in groups. Course meetings include seminar-style discussion of reading and other materials, critiques of student work, tech workshops, production studios (session in which we brainstorm, research ideas, and work on projects), and screenings. (Offered every semester.)

PHED326 Administration/PE&Athletics(6-12) (2 Credits)

Administration of PE/Athletics is a study of administration of athletics and physical education as it pertains to budget, liability, policy making, public relations, facility management, and other administrative responsibilities. (Offered Spring semester of even calendar years.)

PHED410 Seminar in Sport and Kinesiology (2 Credits)

This seminar will provide a capstone experience that includes integrating faith into a sport and kinesiology setting, enhancing professional and careers skills, and requiring students to demonstrate basic research techniques. Meets the general education upper division writing intensive requirement. (Offered fall semester.)

SMGT101 Introduction to Sport Management (3 Credits)

Students will be introduced to a broad range of priority issues and/or topics in sport management such as: career opportunities and myths, finance, communication, facility management, event coordination, marketing, governance, etc. This course provides an overview of major components in the sport industry and delivers a comprehensive study of key elements in the sport management field. Students will reflect on their own personal strengths and weaknesses in an attempt to move forward in choosing a career path. (Offered fall semester.)

SMGT210 Sport in Society (3 Credits)

This course is designed to help students recognize sport as a microcosm of a larger society and the ways in which sport is influenced by cultural traditions, social values, and personal experiences. The course will explore topics including, but not limited to, race, gender, social class, youth sport, and violence. (Offered spring semester of odd calendar years.)

SMGT240 Sports Communication (4 Credits)

This course provides the process for effective communication in the sports setting. Students explore sports communication strategies and messaging, along with conveying critical information inside the field of sport. This includes, but is not limited to social media platforms, journalism, e-mail, verbal, and mass communication within sports contexts. Students will gain experience in the basics of news gathering and reporting, and emphasis will be placed on the day-to-day practice of sports communication. Lab included. Prerequisites: DMDA 120 and ENGL 105. (Offered every semester.)

SMGT301 Sports Marketing (3 Credits)

This course will cover the primary principles of marketing with an emphasis of application in the sport industry. Topics covered include environmental scanning and planning, market research, consumer behavior, market segmentation and the development of integrated marketing communication using the 4 Ps (product, price, placement, and promotion). Guest speakers, research projects, and case studies will allow the student opportunities to apply concepts learned. (Offered fall semester of even calendar years.) Prerequisite: SMGT 101.

SMGT315 Sport Law (3 Credits)

Sport law is the frame of legal issues in both amateur and professional sports. It overlaps with labor law, contract law, competition or antitrust law, and tort law. This course is designed to provide students the vital understanding of legal issues in sport. Topics included cover major areas of law within the sport industry. Case studies are used to help students apply the material. Prerequisite: SMG101. (Offered spring semester of even calendar years.)

SMGT330 Finance and Fundraising in Sport (3 Credits)

"Show me the money!" is a well-known phrase from the sport movie Jerry McGuire and this course covers two important money topics in Sport Management: financial principles and fundraising. The comprehensive financial overview will include topics such as budgeting, financial structures, analysis, stocks, bonds, capital expenditures and current trends. Concepts and best practices in fundraising, needed at all levels of sport, will also be covered. Topics will include donor relations, annual funds, priority benefits, and sales skill development. Prerequisite: SMGT 101. (Offered spring semester of even calendar years.)

SMGT345 Operations and Event Management (3 Credits)

Game Day. It's what fans and participants live for. But making the experience a positive one for all involved takes detailed planning and execution. In this course, students will learn how to plan, staff, budget, market, promote and manage an event. Venues are also key factors for all events and programs, whether at the recreational, club, collegiate or professional level. Therefore, facility management topics covered will include facility development, budgeting, staffing, and managing. Prerequisite: SMGT 101. (Offered fall semester of odd calendar years.)

SMGT401 Sponsorship and Sales (3 Credits)

Students will explore the important concepts in the field of Sport Management: Sponsorship, Sales, and Ticketing. Students will understand the potential career path in ticketing, as well as but not limited to, effective sales techniques and the criteria for finding a great marketing niche through sponsorship. (Offered spring semester of even calendar years.)


(Credits Required: 6.00)

SMGT405 Internship (6 Credits)

The internship experience will provide students with an opportunity to test theory and practice in a functioning industry/business experience. The internship is also intended to provide students additional confidence and further practice to aid in their career development.

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