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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Minor

Core Course Requirements

ENGL214 Theoretical Foundations for TESL (3 Credits)

The course provides students with a theoretical overview of current linguistic, psychological, sociological, and educational issues related to second language acquisition and how they relate to the learning and teaching of second languages. Prerequisite: ENGL 105. (Offered spring semester of odd calendar years.)

ENGL243 Global Literature (3 Credits)

A study of literary selections in various genres from diverse writers around the world. Meets the general education global foundations and humanities/literature requirements. (Offered spring semester.)

ENGL315 Historical and Modern Linguistics (3 Credits)

A study of the development of English with attention to historical influences as well as to linguistic evolution of sound, forms, structure, and meaning. Students will focus throughout the semester on current issues of gender, ethnicity, regionalism, etc. as they apply to the language. An introduction to the form and syntax of Modern English, with emphasis on the descriptive approach to grammar. Includes review of both traditional grammar and transformational-generative grammar. Prerequisite: ENGL 105. (Offered fall semester of odd calendar years.)

ENGL317 Methods and Materials for TESOL (3 Credits)

This course provides students with information about the different historical and current approaches, methods and techniques used in teaching English as a second language. The course asks students to review and evaluate the different materials available to the instructor for effective delivery of information in the classroom. Prerequisite: ENGL 214. (Offered fall semester of odd calendar years.)

ENGL318 Cross-Cultural Studies for TESOL (3 Credits)

This course focuses on the dynamic relationship between language, communication, and culture. Students will study how cultural differences between communities and within communities affect the communication process and the language choices people make. (Offered spring semester of even calendar years.)

ENGL417 Assessment and Evaluation in TESOL (3 Credits)

The course prepares ESL instructors to understand the assessment and evaluation process and to plan and implement formal and informal assessment in the ESL classroom. Prerequisites: ENGL 317, and ENGL 318. (Offered fall semester of even calendar years.)

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