Learning English at University Pathways

A program to help you succeed

Greenville University is a small private Christian university in Illinois, in the heartland of the United States. We are home to a growing number of international students from all over the world who are a special part of our community.

The University Pathways English learning program at Greenville University is a one-year, non-credit program that prepares international students for university-level education in the U.S. The program also provides cultural information needed to be successful students in U.S. university-level education.



The program consists of five levels of instruction. Each level becomes more advanced as students grow and develop their English language skills. Each level lasts eight weeks and contains classes such as reading, writing, grammar, listening and speaking, pronunciation, and a conversation or speech class. Students who begin at Level 1 must successfully pass the 5 levels to complete the program. Students who begin at Level 2 must successfully pass levels 2-5 to complete the program.

Class sizes are small to ensure individualized attention. Typically, University Pathways classes have no more than ten students. Textbooks are provided to students and included in the cost of the program.


From University Pathways to Greenville University

Students who graduate from our University Pathways English learning program are guaranteed admission to Greenville University without having to take the English proficiency test (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS etc.).  

Before you Apply! Students must have at least 3 years, or 6 semesters, worth of high school credits completed before they can apply and their file can be reviewed for acceptance.


How to Apply

Submit the online application and read the Growing and Learning Together Lifestyle Statement carefully before submitting.

Send transcripts and supporting materials

All unofficial transcripts and other forms may be submitted electronically to International Admissions or mailed to:

Office of International Affairs
Greenville University
315 E. College Ave
Greenville, IL, 62249

Note: Mail ALL official transcripts from your high school/secondary school as well as transcripts for ALL college or post-secondary classes.

Certification of Finances

Submit the completed Certification of Finances along with supporting bank statements and sponsor’s information.

Tuition & Fees Worksheet

View our complete financial worksheet.


After Acceptance

Once you have been accepted into the University Pathways program and submitted your deposit, your International Admissions Representative will give you the materials you need to apply for your F-1 student visa. Learn more about receiving your I-20 form.

Please communicate with your International Admission Counselor regarding your visa application status. Once you have passed your Visa interview, email us about arrival dates, flight details, etc. Do this BEFORE you book a flight.

Contact International Admissions


Greenville University will provide a target arrival date. Make every effort to arrive at Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, Missouri on that date. Communicate your flight information with us so that transportation arrangements can be made to pick you up. At the airport, a staff member will meet you and begin orientation. We will allow time for you to adjust to jet lag, then orientation will begin.

Orientation will involve setting up your bank account, obtaining a phone, learning to find your way around campus and in the city of Greenville, learning important information about the local culture and U.S. laws, meeting professors and administration, bonding with your classmates, and participating in many fun and entertaining activities.

Ready for your next steps?