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Action Plan

2021 Brought a new president and a plan of action for Greenville University



In October 2021, Greenville University inaugurated its thirteenth president, Suzanne Allison Davis. Serving the university at many levels for several years, President Davis faced a worldwide pandemic, a nationwide decline in the number of high school graduates, a generation questioning the cost and value of college education, Christian higher education under continual scrutiny, and a town in desperate need of a rural renaissance.

An institution with the desire to maintain its mission had to act.

President Davis serves a God who is far beyond all earthly measures and she has experienced firsthand the explicit mission of Greenville University.

An action plan provides a way for Greenville University to name a goal and run toward it. We’ve designed this plan to help us navigate the 1,000 days following the inauguration of a new president and her vision with swift and agile movement forward.

An action plan brings strategy to life, engaging the entire community in the work at hand. This plan commenced on October 30, 2021. It describes the goals and actions we will work to achieve between that date and December 31, 2024. Some tasks will have a goal beyond that date.

Rooted in the principles of Free Methodism, and breaking new ground through perseverance and innovation, today Greenville University is thriving. We are committed to our mission. We pursue innovation in every aspect of our operations and believe that providing immersive, experiential education in interconnected ways brings value to today’s students.

Davis led the way with a 1,000-day action plan outlining the following principles. The Greenville University Action Plan will come to fruition in 2024.



In the next 1000 days, for Greenville University to sustain its mission, remain relevant and compelling for students, and thrive in the mission field of Greenville, Illinois, Greenville University will pursue actions related to 5 specific areas:

IDENTITY ALIGNMENT: Our identity as an institution will accurately align with the Free Methodist Way.

FINANCIAL GROWTH: Our financial growth will result in a healthy, sustainable operating budget.

IMMERSIVE: Our student experience will be shaped by immersive opportunities across our programs.

INNOVATIVE: Our success will be marked by our innovation, a hallmark of GU since its founding.

INTERCONNECTED: Our future will be shaped by our interconnectivity to one another, to our communities, and to opportunities near and far.

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Greenville University Action Plan

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