News - #Giving Tuesday GU: Grace Carrington '24

#Giving Tuesday GU: Grace Carrington '24

Determined-blackWEB.pngI choose GU, where my determination to overcome challenges matters.

Grace Carrington ’24 worked hard to prepare herself for a top-notch education at GU. Donors worked alongside her to make it happen.

Grace knew her parents enjoyed their years as GU undergraduates. She thought she’d enjoy it too, especially because she loved the atmosphere when she visited GU cheer and choir events. But to thrive in college, Grace knew she’d have to work hard to overcome the challenges of a learning disorder. She rolled up her sleeves and pursued academics with determination.

“I worked hard to get into the school I wanted to attend,” Grace says.

Happily, GU donors proved willing to work just as hard for Grace. Financial Champions supported the Panther Preferred Scholarship that affirms Grace’s academic determination and makes it easier to pay for four years of college.

“If I had not gotten [GU] scholarships, I would have had to attend the community college in my hometown instead,” Grace says.

She is mindful of the donors who partnered with her to make it happen, even though she’s never met them.

“It makes me relieved that students are getting [scholarship] support,” she says, “and happy to know that people want to help students reach their potential.”

This story was published on October 27, 2020