News - Greenville University Announces New Engineering Degree Program

Greenville University Announces New Engineering Degree Program

by Rachel Heston-Davis Greenville University Announces New Engineering Degree Program

Greenville University is pleased to announce a new four-year degree program in engineering approved by the Higher Learning Commission.

The program comes to fruition following four years of strategic planning, curriculum development, and renovation of facilities. Greenville University students can now opt to receive a bachelor of science in engineering (BSE) in four distinct tracks: mechanical engineering, civil/environmental engineering, engineering physics or engineering management. The management track allows for an optional MBA with a fifth year of study.

The University already offered a popular dual degree program in engineering in partnership with Washington University and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and this program will continue alongside the new four-year program. 

Producing “Smart” Engineers

Hyung Choi, Director of Engineering Program, calls the new program the “Smart” Engineering program. It involves the integration of mechanical, electrical and computer engineering.

Engineers of the past could focus on just one of these areas, but due to the rapid advance in artificial intelligence, robotics, and other new technologies, the future of engineering demands more and more integration, Choi explains. “We are consciously building a program that provides our students the ability to manage these very fast-changing advances.”

The Greenville University engineering program rests on five pillars:

  • Integrated learning. Studying all three branches of engineering prepares graduates for flexibility in an ever-changing field.
  • Personal attention and mentoring for each student. Dedicated faculty direct student learning according to each student’s interests and desired career path.
  • Hands-on training from freshman year. Students gain access to advanced engineering equipment from their very first year in the program, a practice unheard of at many large universities.
  • Emphasis on passion and calling. Greenville University inspires students to embrace God’s call. This includes students drawn to engineering with its potential to impact medicine, technology, creation care and more.
  • Connection, opportunities and networking. The program utilizes global contacts in the engineering industry to help students find internships and jobs, begin networking and even identify resources to support start-ups.

Solid Foundation

The program enjoys a few additional perks that strengthen its foundation as an academic track:

Exposure to cutting-edge technology. Greenville University’s quantum information lab provides undergraduates with hands-on experience of quantum technologies, which is considered to be at the forefront of the another technological revolution.

Scholarship opportunities. In addition to Greenville University’s regular program of financial assistance, engineering students can apply for engineering scholarships, including the Engineering Honors Scholarship, the Hugh Siefken Scholarship, the Harry Tomaschke Scholarship and the Ralph Miller Scholarship.

Networking with world leaders in engineering. Choi maintains connections with leading engineers worldwide, including top researchers in the US, Asia, and Europe. In addition, the engineering program will partner with Greenville SMART, an initiative that pairs university resources with business partners around the world, expanding the network of internship and job opportunities for Greenville University students. 

This spring will see the first group of students to declare an engineering major in what Choi calls a “future-minded program.”


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This story was published on March 14, 2018

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