News - GU's COVID Success Garners Media Attention

GU's COVID Success Garners Media Attention

KTRS 550 “The Talk of St. Louis” recently welcomed Greenville University President Suzanne Davis to talk about GU “crushing” COVID-19 on campus. 

Davis explained GU’s research partnership with the University of Illinois that involves GU2020-COVID-test1.jpg students, faculty, and staff testing weekly for COVID-19. The saliva-based testing protocol, coupled with mask use, social distancing, and aggressive contact-tracing has enabled GU students to participate in face-to-face classes when many colleges and universities nationwide have resorted to fully online or primarily online formats.

After about six weeks of testing and 9,000 tests administered, GU has realized a 0.19 positivity rate.

“We have essentially crushed the virus on our campus,” said Davis, framing the achievement as a plus for the larger Greenville community. 

Because young people who carry the virus are less likely to evidence symptoms, they unknowingly pose a threat particularly to others in the community considered high risk, like the elderly. Last month the National Herald reported a spike in COVID-19 cases for about 100 college communities with the return of students for the fall.

“We’re one of the biggest risk factors in Bond County,” Davis explained, praising GU’s students for responsibly complying with safety procedures and testing. 

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that GU is among 27 percent of 3,000 colleges or universities using fully in person or primarily in person classroom formats this fall. Sixty-five percent use fully online, primarily online, or hybrid model formats. 

Listen to the full interview.



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This story was published on October 05, 2020