News - Religion & Philosophy Professor Ben Wayman Publishes Book

Religion & Philosophy Professor Ben Wayman Publishes Book

DiodoreAssistant Professor of Religion, Ben Wayman (Class of ’02) has recently published a book, "Diodore the Theologian" (Brepols Publishers, 2014). The study examines the role of theology in the biblical commentary of the fourth-century pastor, teacher, and bishop. It argues that Diodore’s focus on God’s providence in the Psalter functions as a religious vision that organizes his interpretation of Psalms 1-50.

"By providence, I simply mean God's loving care for the world. I intentionally avoided research and commentary on providence as it later came to be known and used in, for example, reformed theology," he says, "Instead, I explored what in the world Diodore might have in mind when he employs the term."

Diodore taught at a monastic school in Antioch. There, he instructed Theodore of Mopsuestia and John Chrysostom to read Scripture. Both went on to become major figures in early Christianity: Theodore, for his ability to interpret Scripture; and John, for his ability to preach Scripture. Wayman explains how Diodore became a focus of his research, "After reading Diodore, I became convinced that scholars were overlooking his overtly pastoral and theological interpretation of the Psalms."Ben Wayman

The book grew out of Wayman's doctoral dissertation, in which he seeks to offer a reconsideration of Diodore's role in church history and appreciate Diodore's attention to God's providence throughout history. "I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book," said Wayman. "My only reservation about it is its accessibility. If I were to revise the book at a later time, I would do so with a more general audience in mind. I suppose a title like, 'The Psalms: An Argument for God's Loving Care' would be fitting."

Wayman is new to GC’s philosophy and religion department this year. He is interested in scriptural interpretation and its formative impact on Christian communities throughout the church's history. His doctoral research at Saint Louis University focused on early Christian biblical exegesis and its relation to theology, tradition, worship, and culture. Wayman is also director of GC’s Ministry Internship Program and serves on the pastoral staff at St. Paul’s Free Methodist Church in Greenville.

This story was published on February 06, 2014

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