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Marketing at Greenville University 

Want a degree with vast employment opportunities? Every industry and most organizations rely on marketing of some kind. Learn about buyer behavior, marketing strategies and research, global audiences, promotion, and so much more. Prepare to work at marketing firms and ad agencies, or double major to prepare for a marketing career within a niche industry you love. Apply what you learn in real-world settings and enhance your resume.

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Each year, GU faculty select a top marketing major to receive the Watson Tidball Marketing Award worth $1,000. Criteria for selection include academic standing, character leadership, and service and support to GU.

With a firm foundation in Christ, you have the potential to influence the marketplace for good. Christ’s teaching to “love your neighbor” includes colleagues and clients in business. Learn how to meet customers’ needs and help organizations thrive.

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Go beyond the classroom to learn from sales teams and advertising agencies in St. Louis and Chicago.

Why GU


Solve real-world problems. Apply for GU’s Experience First program and you could help local businesses solve real-world marketing problems. Build your resume and earn class credit at the same time.


Expand your skill set. Increasingly, marketers need strong digital media experience. Complete coursework that blends these two disciplines and expand your capabilities and value. 


Get experience. Work one-on-one with your advisor to find the perfect practicum experience or internship for your career goals. Advisors can help you identify practicum opportunities nearby, far away, within your hometown, or right on GU’s campus.

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Marketing, BS Success Story

Success Stories

I decided to come to GU because I love the community here. I'm so thankful for the countless real-world applications and experiences I had in my marketing major. It gave me a taste of it all and helped me truly realize what it was I wanted to do after graduation. The professors, leaders, and school served as a pressure cooker for mine and others' success. We don't just read or write about problems or experiences in the business world, we're handed them on a platter and told "go" in the safety-net of the classroom. That's pretty special.

-Tessa Harmon, marketing major

Marketing, BS Course Requirements

Visit the Online Undergraduate Catalog for an explanation of graduation requirements.

The marketing major requires successful completion of 60 credits. This major leads to the bachelor of science degree.