Music Minor

At GU, there is an abundance of performance opportunities! A variety of ensembles provides extensive exposure to diverse music literature. Our ensembles include GU Choir (traditional), Fusion (commercial), Pursuit (worship bands), Gospel choir, lab bands (student created), Jazz band, or Concert/Marching band. 

Departmental recitals stimulate creativity and discipline conducive to continued improvement.  The music minor also allows students to focus extra attention on their major instrument through applied lessons. Consisting of only 21 hours, students have the ability to create recordings and perform or learn about the art of conducting. 

Students will study with accomplished faculty and gain hands-on experience from day one!

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Music Minor Course Requirements

For a Music minor, you will be required to complete 21 credit hours.

Course options include:

Elementary Conducting (2) OR MUSG Commercial Music Integrations (1)


MUSG120 Projects: Performance I 120 (1)

Visit the Online Catalog for an explanation of graduation requirements.