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Psychology at Greenville University

Are you curious about people? Turn your curiosity into a career. Learn why we behave the way we do, how we learn, how we manage conflict, and how our emotions function. Learn how to influence behavior as you lay the foundation for a career in people-oriented professions like counseling, market research, laboratory work, social services, or teaching.

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Three-year option
Prepare for a wide variety of career options helping others. Ask us about completing work toward a bachelor of science degree in psychology in just three years.

Gain experience and confidence working with people through internships and practicums. Opportunities include community health and counseling, child development, behavior modification/autism treatment, social work, hospital chaplaincy, and more.


Engage with professionals in the field. Attend and present at research conferences like the Midwestern Psychological Association (MPA), ILLOWA, and others.

Why GU


Faith perspective. Science does not fully explain or measure the human experience. Explore the mysteries of consciousness and behavior with professors and peers who acknowledge human nature as God-designed.


Career preparation.  Cap off your studies by developing a personal vocational mission statement, presenting a portfolio of related work, and preparing for job interviews. 


Psi Chi. Join the psychology honor society to take part in events and  networking with peers, faculty, and guest speakers.   

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Psychology, BS Success Story

Success Stories

I decided to come to GU because I love the community here. I was surrounded by great people that really invested in me and always pushed me to be greater than I formerly was.

-Johnny Milabu

Psychology, BS Course Requirements

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