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Faith and Worship

Singing at worship services

We believe God will transform your life at Greenville University. Our Christ-centered campus is really that: Christ-centered. Everything you do - from going to class to hanging out with friends to going to Chapel and Vespers - will impact the way you relate to and understand God.

Chapel is the cornerstone of the Spiritual Formation program at Greenville University. A place of corporate worship, prayer, education, and growth, Chapel exists to encourage the formation of Christian community and to foster the development of a vibrant, life-changing relationship with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for each individual within the community.


About Chapel

Chapels constitute an important part of the Greenville University experience. As the only all-university gathering, Chapel helps unite and spiritually strengthen the Greenville University community through distinctively Christian programming. We seek to help equip students to live out their Christian faith in all settings and circumstances of life, strengthen community ties, allow persons the opportunity to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through confession of sin and profession of faith, and integrate important social, moral, intellectual, and political issues in a Christian faith and learning context.

Like other elements of the Greenville University curriculum and co-curriculum, and in keeping with our understanding of how transformation is best achieved, Chapels will combine elements designed to attract, engage, and appeal to students with other elements designed to stir them and stimulate them and move them forward into new perspectives.


What Makes Chapel at Greenville Distinct

1. Alternatives 

The programming offers alternatives of various kinds including a range of different styles, schedules, and leadership offered on five days a week

2. Developmental

The programming is intentionally “developmental” in that the expectations for student participation changes as students move through the university, permitting greater flexibility in the fulfillment of their chapel requirements. Alternative chapels are available for all students, and seniors are permitted more freedom in use of these alternatives, in keeping with our university beliefs that intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth is developmental so our teaching should be developmental.

The Greenville University Spiritual Formation curriculum includes many other elements besides the chapel program. These include: small group experiences (Bible studies, discipleship groups, prayer groups), opportunities for outreach and demonstration of one's Christian faith (“GSO” provides over eight different experiential learning ministry opportunities offered on a continuous basis), various special programs (concerts, spiritual development workshops, prayer retreats, etc.).


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