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Theatre Archive and Alumni Relations Intern


**Internship Term:** Ongoing
**Compensation:** Unpaid (fulfilling academic or program requirements)

The Theatre Archive and Alumni Relations Intern at Factory Theatre plays a pivotal role in continuing the work initiated by a previous intern. This ongoing internship provides a unique opportunity to delve into the rich history of the Factory Theatre. The primary responsibilities of this position include:

Historical Research: Build upon the research started by the previous intern by exploring the history of past productions at the Factory Theatre. Create comprehensive lists of all individuals who participated in these productions.

Alumni Outreach: Collaborate with the alumni office to establish contact with individuals on the participant lists. Request their willingness to be interviewed or provide insights about their time at the Factory Theatre.

Interviews and Surveys: Conduct interviews via various methods, including surveys, phone calls, Zoom meetings, or in-person interviews, with willing alumni and other key stakeholders. Collect valuable insights, anecdotes, and historical information related to the theatre's productions.

Data Compilation: Organize and catalog the gathered information, creating a historical archive of the Factory Theatre's productions, contributors, and stories.

Alumni Relations: Maintain positive and professional relationships with alumni, fostering a sense of community and engagement.

Collaboration: Work closely with the Factory Theatre team and the alumni office to ensure that the historical information is accurate and complete.

This internship is a fantastic opportunity for students interested in preserving the history and stories of a vibrant theatre community. The Theatre Archive and Alumni Relations Intern will play a vital role in maintaining the Factory Theatre's heritage and creating an engaging historical record.

This role welcomes candidates from various academic backgrounds, making it an inclusive opportunity for students interested in preserving the legacy of the Factory Theatre and its productions.


- Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
- Ability to conduct interviews with professionalism and respect.
- Research skills to collect, organize, and document historical information.
- Attention to detail for accurate data entry and archival work.
- Collaborative mindset to work effectively with alumni, colleagues, and the theatre team.
- A passion for storytelling and an appreciation for theatre.


Gret Tindall

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