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Theatre Archive Intern


**Internship Term:** Ongoing
**Compensation:** Unpaid (fulfilling academic or program requirements)

The Theatre Archive Intern at Factory Theatre plays a crucial role in continuing a significant project initiated by a previous intern during the previous summer. This ongoing internship opportunity provides invaluable hands-on experience in cataloging and photographing the diverse collection of props, furniture, costumes, and more stored within the Factory Theatre's storage area. Key responsibilities include:

Cataloging Inventory: Update and expand the existing catalog of theatre props, furniture, costumes, and related items stored in the Factory Theatre's archives. Ensure that each item is accurately documented, including details on its history, condition, and any special considerations.

Photographing Artifacts: Capture high-quality photographs of each cataloged item, preserving their visual record for reference, documentation, and future use.

Inventory Maintenance: Ensure the proper storage and organization of the archived items to prevent damage and make retrieval efficient.

Data Management: Maintain an organized digital database of cataloged items and photographs, using appropriate software tools and systems.

Collaboration: Work closely with the Factory Theatre team, including theatre staff, directors, and historians, to provide access to the archived items for theatrical productions, historical inquiries, and educational purposes.

This internship offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the preservation of the Factory Theatre's cultural and theatrical heritage. The Theatre Archive Intern will ensure that the historical artifacts and materials are cataloged and documented, enabling future generations to appreciate the rich history and resources of the theatre.


Qualified candidates should demonstrate attention to detail, organizational skills, an interest in archival work, and an appreciation for the arts and theatre. This internship is ideal for students seeking to gain hands-on experience in the world of theatre archives and museum management.


Gret Tindall

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