Tutoring & Testing Center

Tutoring & Testing Center

You’ll find out about the services you have to help you thrive here. Tutoring, testing, academic coaching, and more. Find information for disability services and mental health counseling in Student Success.

Testing Center Request Form


About the Tutoring Center

Student Success provides academic support services for all Greenville University students at no additional cost. Included in those services is our tutoring program that is held Sunday through Thursday evenings. Our exceptional student tutors offer individual and small group tutoring for general education classes along with writing assistance.

Mission Statement

By providing strong academic support services, Student Success strives to enrich the academic experience for all Greenville University students and assist them in reaching their full potential.

Purpose and Philosophy

Student Success is designed to offer academic support services and enrichment programming to all students on the Greenville University campus. Student Success services are based on the premise that all students benefit from some type of academic support and that those students who are successful in college are those who have learned to take charge of their own learning and utilize everything available to help them achieve their goals. Student Success is an integral part of the total academic picture on campus. Its purpose is to supplement the classroom experience and to lend support through the Tutoring Program and Student Academic Coaches. The goal is to be a resource to both students and faculty.


Tutoring Online

Tutoring is also available to students online through D2L. This online resource provides students with links to helpful websites, discussion forums and blogs. Join the online Tutoring Community by clicking here. After logging in to D2L, click Community Registration (at the very top), Tutoring, Register.

The Testing Center, located in Student Success, offers scheduled hours to proctor tests for students with academic accommodations, as well as make-up tests and quizzes for all students. After receiving permission from professors, students must complete the Testing Center Request Form 24 hours in advance to schedule an appointment. If students' schedules do not coordinate with the Testing Center's available time, they will need to seek other options with the professor. Professors will complete an online Testing Center Approval Form. Tests should be delivered to Student Success 24 hours in advance via email or in person.


Testing Center Procedures


ALL students taking exams in Student Success must follow the procedures below.

1. Ask permission from your instructor to take a make-up test. You will not be permitted to take a test without prior approval.
2. Discuss with your instructor when your test will be sent to the Testing Center.
3. Complete the online Testing Center Request Form to schedule your appointment. Note: The form must be completed at least 24 hours prior to the day and time the exam is requested to be taken. Students requesting to take an exam on a Monday must complete the form before noon on the previous Friday. Requests are not processed over the weekend.
4. On the day of your test:

  • Arrive a few minutes early for your appointment
  • Bring ALL supplies needed to complete the test
  • Present your GU photo ID
  • You will be asked to leave your personal belongings (phone, book bag, ipod, etc.) outside the testing room
  • The proctor will then give you the test
  • After completion or when time is finished, the test will be collected and returned to the professor

NOTE: Completed tests will be picked up in Student Success by the professor or TA.

Testing Center Request Form



Please follow the procedures below for make-up tests only. You do not need to complete the Testing Center Approval Form for academic accommodations.

1. Once you have given permission for a test to be proctored in Student Success, complete the online Testing Center Approval Form at least 48 hours prior to the student taking test.
2. Deliver test(s) to Student Success via email at studentsuccess@greenville.edu or in person.
3. Arrange for completed test(s) to be picked up in Student Success. Tests will not be returned via campus mail.

Testing Accommodation Form

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