Tuition & Fees


Tuition Per Credit Hour

Total Cost

Education, M.A$488$16,140
Coaching, M.A.E$488$16,104
Curriculum & Instruction, M.A.E$488$14,640
Special Education, M.A.E$488$14,640
TESL, M.A.E$488$14,640
Early Childhood & Elementary Education, M.A.T$488$36,112
Management, M.S$488$16,104
Elementary Education, M.A.T$488$26,352

*Graduation Fee of $149 will apply. Books are not included in the total cost estimate. 

Cost of Attendance

View for the full cost of attendance breakdown for non-traditional students. 


Alumni Award Scholarship:

We are excited to offer anyone who has graduated from Greenville University with a Bachelor’s Degree an Alumni Award Scholarship of 10% off tuition for graduate-level courses.  

May not be combined with other scholarships, inquire with Financial Aid for full scholarship details. 



Disbursements (payments) are made to your student account 3-4 weeks after the start of each term/block based on your Financial Aid eligibility. Disbursements can only be made after all required items have been completed or submitted by you and we have been able to confirm your attendance for the term. If you have borrowed for living expenses, you will receive the refund of the credit on your account within 14 days of the disbursement.

For questions about billing or your Student Account, please contact the Student Accounts Office at 618.664.7016.

For questions about your Financial Aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 618.664.7108

Greenville University offers its graduate programs at competitive rates. Rates and fees differ for each program and are subject to change.

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