Message from the President

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Welcome to Greenville University!

We are a community that believes every student who lands here is here for a reason. No matter where they are in their understanding of God, we are to meet them where they are, help them discover the God who loves them, help them discern what God has designed them to do and guide them toward a life of purpose and fulfillment with a heart to serve others.

  • We believe students expect and deserve more from higher education.
  • Due to online access to information, we believe students need less content delivery and more holistic direction from professors.
  • We believe experience-based learning causes students and faculty to stretch themselves to learn more collectively.
  • We believe character is strengthened through shared high-impact, hands-on learning experiences.
  • We believe people look outside themselves when placed in team situations wherein they must all rise as parts of the group to serve one another.
  • We believe wisdom is heightened when students and faculty connect to those outside of the academic setting.
  • We believe competence requires depth in a field of study as well as a broad range of experiences to produce new innovative solutions.

We invite you to Experience. The Difference at Greenville University.

Suzanne Allison Davis

Suzanne Davis of Greenville University

Suzanne Davis, President, Greenville University

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