Who We Are

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Welcome to Greenville University, where students are transformed for life.

Greenville University is an institution that meets students where they are and guides them to greater self-discovery and a deeper relationship with our loving God. GU’s professors and staff are mentors to students – providing curricular and co-curricular experiences that empower them for lives of character and service.


Our Mission

Greenville University empowers students for lives of character and service through a transforming Christ-centered education.

For more than 130 years, students from all over the world have benefited from GU’s mission-driven work. Equipped to think critically, solve problems, create, inspire, lead, and collaborate, they have become salt and light across the United States and worldwide.Today’s graduates blend faith, learning, character, and service into business, medicine, education, ministry, technology, financial services, science, music, and others.

Core Values

  • Christ-like character and service
  • Innovative and creative operations
  • Interconnected, synergistic thinking internally and externally
  • Immersive experiences as the most student-centric way to teach – degree, resume, and connection base included


GU is an InnovativeImmersive, and Interconnected institution that offers a Christ-centered education utilizing the power of experiential learning to fulfill our mission of empowering students’ lives for character and service.

We are Innovative

Our success is marked by our innovation, a hallmark of GU since its founding.

Experiential learning is a philosophy and methodology in which educators purposefully engage with students in direct experience and focused reflection to increase knowledge, develop skills, and clarify values. GU engages in experiential learning to drive a learning outcome of character and service.

We are true to the liberal arts history and culture of our institution as a foundation that provides for lifelong learning. Our liberal arts curriculum combines coaching for workplace readiness.

We educate beyond the walls of the classroom. We have expanded GU’s campus beyond its location in Greenville, Illinois, with Experience Institutes in Nashville, Dallas, and more forthcoming.

We are Immersive

Immersive opportunities across our programs shape our student experience.

  • Students are immersed in their educational experiences, spiritual development experiences, athletic experiences, residence hall experiences, community life experiences, leadership scholarship experiences, and more. Experience is the difference at GU.

We are Interconnected

We are interconnected with one another, our communities, and opportunities near and far.

  • No silos here. Departments work together to provide the best educational outcome for students.
  • We connect students to professors, coaches, and staff members who become mentors and advisors in their lives.
  • We connect students to our community, to businesses, and to professional networks near and far.
  • We connect students to alumni in their fields who can provide a network, an internship, and a mentor.
  • We are an intercultural melting pot, representing 36 countries and over 30 U.S. states on our small campus, where we learn to interconnect in cultural diversity.

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