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Capstone Courses

Female student agriculture

A capstone course allows our students to demonstrate expertise in their major or area of study. Organized by major, the capstone course is typically required for graduation.

Details on the course can vary depending on the major and program. Capstone courses typically last at least a semester. They may be project-oriented and sometimes include internships or volunteering. The key component of the capstone course is that it provides valuable real-world experience in the student's field of study.

Some recent capstone projects include the following:

  • Marketing majors create a product, then create a pop-up store, market it, and sell it during "selling week" on campus.
  • Education majors participate in student-teaching assignments.
  • Social work majors are provided an internship experience working in the field of social work.
  • Engineering majors design a product or improve the design of a product.


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