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Music Business Major


Music Business Major Overview

The constantly changing climate of the music business serves as the backdrop for the Music Business Major. Students learn by studying a wide range of topics, including Copyright, Record Contracts, Music Publishing, Artists Management, Record Company Operations, Internet Marketing and Distribution and International Music Business.

Greenville College has served as the launching pad for numerous producers, managers and promoters. The Music Business Major is designed to combine real-life work experience with classroom instruction in order to prepare graduates for entry and mid-level careers.

Career opportunities for outstanding Music Business majors include positions at major and independent companies in areas such as commercial and independent music production, booking, artists and business management, marketing, promotion, publicity, music publishing and entertainment law. Graduates also pursue a variety of entrepreneurial opportunities as business owners and independent contractors.

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Career Opportunities

  • Booking Agent
  • Band Manager
  • Record Label Employee
  • Venue Operator
  • Production Manager at Venue