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Theology, BA

Core Course Requirements

BIBL230 Bible in its World (3 Credits)

Learning to read the Bible through the eyes of the original author and audience is a critical skill for those who wish to understand the Bible and learn to apply it to a modern audience. Many things in the Bible seem strange to us today because they represent aspects of an ancient culture that are very different from our own. The Bible in its World offers an introduction to the discipline of biblical studies by addressing the various ways modern Bible readers can reconnect with this ancient culture to become better interpreters of the Bible. Students will learn about the history and culture of the ancient Near East, how geography shapes culture, and how archaeology can give us a window into the lives of biblical characters. Students will then practice interpreting biblical passages in a collaborative environment to gain experience applying this new information and skill set in a way that will prepare students to engage their biblical and theological studies at a more mature level. (Offered spring semester of odd calendar years.)

THEO451 Foundations of Christian Doctrine (3 Credits)

An historical and philosophical study of the development of Christian theology over the centuries. Prerequisite: THEO 110 or THEO 310. Offered: Fall semester.

THEO452 Methods in Wesleyan Theology (3 Credits)

An introduction to theological method, with a focus on doing Wesleyan theology in the 21st century. A consideration of how the student may do theology today Prerequisite: Senior Status. (Offered spring semester.)

Choose BIBL 205 or 215

(Courses Required: 1)

BIBL205 Old Testament Survey (3 Credits)

This course introduces the student to the central story of the Old Testament by examining its characters, events, unifying themes, and literary characteristics. Meets the general education biblical studies requirement. (Offered every semester.)

BIBL215 New Testament Survey (3 Credits)

The course is a rapid survey of the books of the New Testament, focusing primarily on their content and theology. The course will also acquaint the student with the political, social, and religious environment of the New Testament period and introduce the student to issues of authorship, dating, transmission, and canon. Meets the general education biblical studies requirement. (Offered every semester.)

Choose BIBL 321 or 322

- Choose BIBL 321 or BIBL 322 (Courses Required: 1)

BIBL321 Torah (3 Credits)

The course focuses on the first five books of the Bible, also known as Torah or Law. As the first major section of the Bible, Torah is foundational to the rest of the Biblical witness. In this course students will ascertain the primary theological emphases of a narrative that begins with creation and ends with the death of Moses. Meets the general education upper division writing intensive requirement. (Offered fall semester.)

BIBL322 Prophets (3 Credits)

A critical and exegetical study of the Former (Joshua, Judges, Samuels, and Kings) and the Latter (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and the Twelve) Prophets with special consideration given to the social, political, and religious conditions of their times. Attention is given to the ministry and message both for their time and the present age. (Offered spring semester of even calendar years.)

Choose HIST or THEO 343

- Choose HIST 343 or THEO 343 (Courses Required: 1)

HIST343 Early Christianity (3 Credits)

The systematic study of the development of Western Christendom from the first through the fifteenth centuries focusing on major themes, figures, actions, and impulses. The historical method of research will be employed as a means of helping students to gain a contextualized understanding and appreciation for the developing role of the church and its relationship to culture. A major emphasis will be placed on the reading of primary sources as a means for understanding the development of Christian theology. Cross listed with THEO 343. Prerequisite: THEO 110. (Offered spring semester of odd calendar years.)

THEO343 Early Christianity (3 Credits)

An historical and theological study of Christian thinking and practice from the first through the sixth centuries focusing on major movements, moments, and people. Primary sources will be foundational to this study. Crosslisted with HIST 343. Prerequisite: THEO 110 or THEO 310. (Offered spring semester of odd calendar years.)

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