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Student Visas

All nonimmigrant foreign visitors wishing to enter the United States are required to have a visa stamp in their passports.. A visa is issued by the U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad. A visa is an "entry document" and cannot be obtained in the U.S. Students traveling to Greenville University should obtain an F-1 Visa.


Steps to obtain your I-20 form

Step 1: Complete the online application for your I-20.

Students will receive a link to this application via email. The application will ask for information needed to demonstrate the financial support necessary to attend the university. You will need to upload a copy of your passport (biographical page) to verify your legal name. If you do not have a passport, a copy of the birth certificate (in English) will be accepted. In-country applicants: Submit a copy of your current I-20 and/or visa.

The application includes a fillable international student financial form that the applicant should print. Both the student and the student’s financial sponsor (e.g., a parent or relative) must sign the form. You must scan and upload this form and your supporting documents, such as bank statements or scholarship award letters.

Note: Students seeking to bring dependents to the U.S. must provide documentation of sufficient financial resources to cover the expenses of the dependents, in addition to the student’s own expenses (add $5,000 if your spouse will accompany you and $4,000 for each child or dependent). Copies of dependents' passports and a copy of the marriage certificate are also required.

Step 2: Attach a copy of the bank statement to the financial form.

Upload the financial form, along with a scanned copy of the original bank statement signed or stamped by a bank official that shows sufficient funds available. Both the student and the student’s sponsor must sign the form. You should upload scholarship awards letters (if any) at this time.

Make sure your scanned copies are readable. Copies that are blurred or difficult to read will need to be re-uploaded.

Note: You should bring the original forms and bank statements with you to your visa interview, and you must bring these with you to GU when you arrive to begin classes. Please note that your official transcripts and other academic records still need to be mailed to our office.

Step 3: Verify the information shown on the I-20 for accuracy.

Once verified, the I-20 will be sent via express mail to the address provided by the applicant. The student should bring this I-20, along with any other required documentation, to their visa interview at the U.S. Consulate or Embassy.

Step 4: Pay the SEVIS I-901 fee and make a visa appointment

After you receive your I-20 form and letter of admission from GU, you will need to pay the SEVIS I-901 fee and make a visa appointment at the nearest U.S. Consulate or Embassy.

For general information about the student visa application process, please visit the U.S. State Department. Instructions on how to apply for a visa are also available on the ISS website.

You may schedule your visa appointment up to 120 days prior to your program start date. Locate the nearest U.S. Consulate or Embassy. More information regarding the visa process, including average wait times, is available at the U.S. Department of State website.

Transfer Students: If you are currently in the U.S. on a student visa, you can transfer your immigration status to GU. Please visit the ISS website for specific instructions regarding how to transfer your SEVIS record to GU.


Financial Requirements and Forms

Greenville University follows all United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations that govern the financial eligibility of international students. International students are required to provide proof of adequate financial resources to cover all their expenses, living and educational, for one academic year. Financial requirements change and are updated yearly.

Tuition & Costs


Students seeking F-1 visas

The application includes a GU International Student Financial Form that the applicant should print and upload when complete. The form will list the exact amount of funding required to finance your education and living expenses. This amount must be available to receive your student visa. Scholarships and other forms of financial support will be deducted from the amount required. Both the student and the student’s financial sponsor (e.g., a parent or relative) must sign the form.

Along with the complete form, students must meet the International Financial Document Requirements.


International Financial Document Requirements

All students are required to fill out and submit an International Student Financial Form (ISFF) for EACH sponsor. If students submit more than one form of financial information, only ONE parent/account holder must be listed on form.


International Student Financial Form (ISFF)

File Type: PDF | File size: 178KB

2024-25 International Student Financial Form


Mother and Father submit ISFF, with documentation, for a Savings Account.  Mother ALSO submits another ISFF, with documentation, for her own account. The Father DOES NOT need to be listed on the documents for the second account, only the mother.

  • Documents must be less than six months old
  • Statements and letter must be received within six months of the date of issuance from the bank.
  • When updating application terms (i.e. deferring enrollment for a semester), new bank statements may be required if the statement becomes older than 12 months.

All documents should be written in English or be able to be translated by GU staff

  • Students are required to provide proof that they have financial support which includes tuition, fees, and living expenses.  Students are allowed to submit financial information from multiple sources.


  • Name of account holder
  • Type of account
  • Total available balance or beginning and end
  • Date of issuance (cannot be more than 6 months old)
  • Be printed on official bank stationery (letterhead) that includes the banks name and address which can be a logo or heading.
  • Signed by a bank official or official stamp/notary by a bank official


  • Name of account holder
  • Statement summaries (transaction histories are not needed)
  • Date Statement was issued
  • Type of account
  • Total available balance held by account holder
  • Online statements may be accepted pending review by an advisor
  • Official bank name and address which can include a logo or official heading (letterhead)
  • If a corporate bank account is being used by a sponsor a letter must be submitted that includes the following:
    • Must be on company letterhead with date the letter was printed listed on document.
    • MUST list the sponsor’s name and that they have permission to access and use the account for the education purposes for listed student

All funds must be immediately available as in liquid, which means that all funds can be readily converted to cash when and if needed.

  • Types of ACCEPTABLE Accounts
    • Checking
    • Savings
    • Money Market
    • Provident Accounts
      • Must clearly state the amount that can be withdrawn BEFORE the start of classes. Showing the total available balance is sufficient.
    • Fixed Deposit/Fixed Term/Time Deposits:
      • Must mature by the start of the semester.
    • Scholarship Award Letters
      • Must clearly state what the scholarship includes, such as tuition, fees and books. If the scholarship also includes a stipend, the letter must include the exact dollar amount the student should receive per month.

An International Student Financial Form (ISFF is required when funds from someone other than the student/applicant are being used.

Electronic bank statements

  • Bank statements that meet the above criteria can be send electronically to GU
  • All students may be asked upon arrival to produce their official bank statements as deemed necessary by the Office of International Admissions.

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