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Amie Stearns


Dr. Amie Stearns has been a passionate educator since 2007 with a variety of experiences. She has served as a general education teacher in traditional classrooms as well as an educator for the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice.

Dr. Stearns is a current practitioner in the special education classroom, an adjunct professor in the Graduate Education program at Greenville University, and a Virtual Instructional Coach for the Illinois Education Association. She volunteers for the IL Department of Juvenile Justice and helps 13-21-year-old males improve their academic progress and social-emotional responses. Stearns feels a personal calling to hold tight to the teachings of James 1:27: Caring for (others) in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

In her free time, she goes hiking/geocaching with her husband, two kids, and (sometimes) two dogs. Mostly, she is a chauffeur and snack connoisseur for her energetic & TALKATIVE children.

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