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Executive in Residence
Contemporary Music Center, Martha's Vineyard

After receiving her Masters of Music Business from New York University,
Danara was recruited by the International Marketing Department of Epic Records. She became the first individual in the music industry to hold a position solely dedicated to the international marketing of christian music into the general market. While at Epic, Danara was also intricately involved in the international marketing of superstar Shakira. She held the position of international marketing coordinator during the record-breaking releases of Fijacion Oral 1 and Oral Fixation 2.

Soon after, she joined the Columbia Records marketing team as a domestic marketing manager working with a wide variety of artists spanning from T Bone Burnett to P.O.D. Danara also acted as Sony Music's New York liaison in assisting with the record release and promotion plans for all christian and/or crossover music distributed through Sony Music.

Danara's diverse experience also includes being the founder of a Nashville based college marketing company, The KDR Group, an adjunct professor at The Contemporary Music Center, Martha's Vineyard and most recently as the BestSemester Marketing Manager for the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, Washington DC. She has also been involved in the music industry documentary Broke* featuring (amongst others): Will Gray, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Seth Godin, Patty Griffin and Buddy Miller.

Though most of her adult life has been spent in big cities, Danara and her husband Zachary came to Greenville already accustomed to the cornfields. They are both natives of rural Ohio.

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Executive in Residence
Contemporary Music Center, Martha's Vineyard

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