Richard Huston

Dr. Richard Huston

Professor of History - Retired

Year Started at GU: 1994
Email: [email protected]
Areas of Responsibility:

Chair, Department of History & Political Science
History Education Program Advisor

Organize Israel Interterm Trips

Growing up as an MK in South America (Paraguay) gave me a love for Latin American culture and history that propels much of my teaching and activities outside the classroom. Short-term missions trips to Latin America fill my January and summer terms.  When not in Latin America, I love motorcycle touring, camping, fishing and hiking.

Retired from a career of teaching in the History Department, introducing students to the wonders of Latin American History and Culture.

About Richard Huston

What's your favorite thing about working at Greenville College?

I'm a graduate of Greenville College, but didn't fully appreciate my experience until arriving at a large state school for my graduate degree. There, I saw that as long as students were getting passing grades, and staying out of trouble with the law, they could do anything ... ANYTHING they wanted. I also saw that the professors invested themselves in their graduate students, and let the graduate students supervise the undergrads. I resonated with a friend of mine who compared Christian Liberal Arts colleges to a family, and large state universities to orphanages. When I was a student at Greenville, several of my professors invested themselves personally in me, both inside and outside the classroom. A professor I never even had for class, opened his home to me for the summer. I can never repay them, but I can pay it forward.

I love becoming personally involved in the lives of my students. They never cease to amaze me with their creativity, abilities and interests. History Education grads have taught in Paraguay, Thailand, and Guam, but also St. Louis, Chicago and Normal.


What attracted you to the Education Department, and how do you use it outside of the classroom?

I came to Greenville focused on being an Education major. I had grown up in South America with missionary parents, and wanted to return there after graduating. The best way to do that was to return to teach at the same school for missionary kids that I had attended most of my life. So I majored in History Education at Greenville, and returned to teach there for two years. Eventually, I returned to the States for graduate school and decided to teach at the College level.

Teaching at a small college allows me to be a jack-of-all-trades. I have realized the advantages of teaching broadly, in other areas of history, as well as in other disciplines. I've been able to develop my other areas of interest by teaching courses in geography, anthropology and missiology. In fact, I've been able to use opportunities through a Fulbright scholarship to teach methods classes at universities in Paraguay and in Nicaragua. My interest in Latin America and in travel have led me to organize mission trips and study-abroad opportunities for Greenville students and faculty in Guatemala, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Paraguay and Israel.


Western Civilization
Latin American History
History of Mexico
Social History of Latin America Through Film
History Teaching Methods
History Research Methods

Publications and Presentations

"Political Order and Social Disorder in Nineteenth Century Paraguay:  The Case of the Indian Bandit Jose‚ Pasqual Nandiaí" Conference sponsored by the Grupo Transnacional de Estudios Paraguayos (GESP) at the Universidad Nacional del Este, Paraguay, 2014
“Active Teaching to Promote Active Learning: Specific examples for the Social Sciences,” at the annual conference on education, College of Education, UNAN-Managua, January 2008
“Acculturation of Indians in 19th Century Paraguay:  From ‘Settled Indians’ to Peasants” at the annual conference of the Midwest Association of Latin American Studies (MALAS), Webster University, St. Louis, October 2005
“Social History of Paraguay in the Lopez Era, 1840-1870” at the annual conference of the Association of Paraguayanists (ASPARAGUAS), the University of Ohio, October, 2002.
“Judicial Reform in Pre-War Paraguay” at the annual conference of the Midwest Association of Latin American Studies (MALAS), Eastern Illinois University, November, 2002.
“Resources for Teaching Francia in the Public Schools” seminar presented at the National Teacher’s College, Asuncion, Paraguay, February, 2002.
“Francia’s Contributions to Paraguayan State Formation” paper presented to the José Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia Association annual Conference, Asuncion, Paraguay, September, 2001.
“National Archive Resources for the Social History of Paraguay” paper presented at the 405th anniversary celebration of the founding of the National Archive of Asuncion, Paraguay, October, 2001.
“Social Science Teaching Methods” Seminar to the Social Science Faculty of the Catholic University of Asuncion, Paraguay, November, 2001.

Professional Affiliations

National Council for the Social Studies
Illinois Council for the Social Studies
Midwest Association of Latin American Studies

BMW Motorcycle Owners Association

Related Experiences

History Instructor, Aldersgate College, Saskatchewan, Canada
Asuncion Christian Academy, Paraguay, South America
Migrant Education Program, Princeville, IL
Fulbright Research/Lectureship Grant, Nicaragua, 2008