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Institutional Assessment

The process of assessment at Greenville University is facilitative—it promotes a continuous process improvement through review, revision, and the implementation of best practices within academic departments and other facets of campus operation. Assessment is the systematic process of collecting and analyzing data for the purpose of improving learning. As a “community of learners” this process touches the lives of persons in all segments of institutional operations. Assessment is not the evaluation of individual programs, individual faculty, staff, or students. It is a process that provides information as to how well programs within the college carry out their purposes. Faculty, administrators, staff, and students participate in this process of ongoing improvement in how the college serves the public at large.

The assessment process is viewed as form of scholarship, a way of inquiring as to whether the programs of the college are actually producing the desired outcomes and goals. The content of each assessment plan is unique to each program and department but the process within each area involves similar steps in a cycle of measurement, analysis and reporting, developing improvements, implementing improvements, and evaluating to see if the desired change has taken place. Greenville University adopted the NILOA Transparency Framework in 2014 to assist our efforts of collecting and communicating evidence of our process of institutional improvement and transformation.

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Retrieved from: Transparency Framework


Transparency Framework

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