A Closer Look at GC's Transition to Greenville University

Published: April 13, 2021

While the Greenville College name wont officially change until September 20, 2017, some of the changes outlined in the colleges strategic plan, are already underway. The Fall 2015 semester will mark the launch of new academic programs like Game Design & Development, Sport Management and Pre-Nursing and athletic programs like Cheerleading and Mens Volleyball. The goal of the strategic plan, including the colleges transition to Greenville University, are to extend its heritage and expand its reach as an institution that delivers a Christ-centered educational experience that empowers, enriches and endures.

In a video created in preparation for the General Conference 2015 gathering of the Free Methodist Church, several leaders from across campus described what the changes outlined in GCs strategic plan mean for the future of the college. Their descriptions resounded with enthusiasm for upcoming opportunities through innovative academic programs, a renewed dedication to diversity and internationalization and a continued commitment to the colleges foundation as a Christ-centered institution in the Free Methodist tradition.

Below is a transcript of the video shared at General Conference 2015.

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Greenville Colleges Transition to Greenville University Video Transcript

Dr. Ivan Filby President of Greenville College

Hello, Im Ivan Filby, the President of Greenville College, and were very much looking forward to our transition from Greenville College to Greenville University in 2017. Were doing this because were passionate about extending our heritage and expanding our reach as a faith-based institution looking to serve Christ in the 21st century

Lori A. Gaffner Chaplain, Dean of the Chapel, Assistant Professor of Religion

The Free Methodist tradition is a tradition of hope. Greenville College is founded on the Free Methodist tradition and that hope is what drives us, its what sustains us and its what excites us as we look to the future - because our hope is in Christ and we are excited about where Christ might lead us.

Dr. Christina Smerick Philosophy & Religion Department Chair, Associate Professor, Shapiro Chair of Jewish-Christian Studies

The shift from Greenville College to Greenville University gives us the chance to extend our Christ-centered educational experience not just to students around the country, but to students around the world.

Dr. Edwin Estevez Provost and Chief Operations Officer

This is an exciting time for us. Not only do we want our students greatest passions to meet the world's greatest needs were really interested in making sure they do so through an engaging curriculum one that is vibrant, that is relevant, that is actively learned through experiences and influences them through the process of globalization. We want our students to be dynamically engaged into this new curriculum.

Dr. Norm Hall Senior Advisor to the President for Alumni Relations, Vice President for International Affairs

I am particularly excited about working on the part of the strategic plan that deals with internationalization and multiculturalism. In fact, we put significant scholarships in place to draw excellent students domestically and internationally. And, in addition, we are sending students to virtually every other continent on the planet to learn, grow and share the Gospel.

Dr. Ivan Filby President of Greenville College

And so we all know that prayer changes everything. And so I invite you to join with us in praying for Greenville College as we extend our heritage and expand our reach. And particularly as we continue to offer a Christ-centered educational experience that empowers, enriches and endures.

Video produced and edited by Sean McFarland 15.

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