Senior Project Gains Attention from International Humanitarian Organizations

Published: April 13, 2021

When the students in Arley Cornell's learning group divvied up assignments last semester for their senior capstone project (COR 401), Arley, a digital media major, accepted the task of summarizing their work in an animated video. His group examined the sustainability of short-term missions projects. Though Arley crafted the compact, four-minute message for Greenville College students, professors, and administrators assembled for the college's Common Day of Learning, he hoped it would find a wider audience. It did.

The powerful little video followed a path of commendation and sharing from one person to the next, all the way to top offices at World Vision, Open Doors, and World Hope. Instructors in different schools have also used it in their classrooms to educate their students about appropriate models for effective short-term work - transformational, betterment, and development models.

Steve Haas, chief catalyst and vice president of World Vision, contacted Arley and commended him on the end product. "Your video may be the best thing I have ever watched on transformational development, something we take very seriously at WV." He added, "May your ability to communicate find its way to the broadest possible audiences. We need to hear from you!"

"My hope is that the video will continue to have a broad audience," said Arley, "and that the research my group conducted can find its way into classrooms, seminars, and mission team meetings so that short-term missions and short-term projects can be conducted with wisdom and without harming anyone."

To view Arley's video on short-term projects, visit Arley has included a brief message on the video website, requesting viewers to inform him of how they use the video so he can track its use in classrooms and organizations.

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