News - Faith At Every Moment: Following Jesus Through School, Internship, Career

Faith At Every Moment: Following Jesus Through School, Internship, Career

by Rachel Heston-Davis Faith At Every Moment: Following Jesus Through School, Internship, Career

If Justin Mulholland '16 learned one thing from his time at Greenville University and the transition into a career, it’s this: “There is nothing more important than being faithful to Jesus in every moment.”

When Justin says every moment, he means every moment. “Listen for Him in the quiet moments. Listen for Him in the loud moments. Look for Him in the boring, the mundane, the weird, the small.”

From his moments as a student to his moments as an intern and then employee, Justin discovered opportunities to grow in Christ.

 Service, Stress and Sportsmanship

During Justin’s years as a student at Greenville University, the Lord molded him for service and relationships. He worked as a resident chaplain (RC), so the rubber hit the road daily in terms of learning to serve. 

“As an RC, you had to be adaptable as things came up, adaptable in planning and response” he remembers.

More than coordinating “floor” events, he learned to love his fellow students as Christ loved them, even in tough moments. Residence life leadership sometimes required Justin to mediate peer conflicts and help friends handle stress.

These relational lessons impacted Justin’s social life beyond the dorm. He maintains that every personal connection at college presented an opportunity for spiritual growth.

“This life is a life that is supposed to be done together . . . every conversation, every response to adversity, every joy, every moment of grief that we share; all of these things, when done together, can point us toward Jesus Christ,” he says.

This even applied on the soccer field, where Justin learned to “lose with grace” and prioritize good sportsmanship over winning at all costs.

Humility 101

The Lord began molding Justin again during an internship, this time with lessons in humility.

Justin interned with Forge Flint, a nonprofit focused on rehabbing neighborhoods in Flint, Michigan. Justin helped clean houses, paint, mow, replace roofs and more.

Along the way, he learned to view his “helper” status with humility.

“Jesus was already at work in the neighborhood and had been for a long time,” Justin says. “We were not bringing Jesus to these people, we just had the chance to work with Jesus.” He adds, “We could not come in and say we had all the right answers . . . we came, we listened, we shared, we ate together and we learned.”

The members of Justin’s team leant their talents without assuming the role of “savior.” This empowered the people they helped to carry on the work even when the helpers left.

 Planted Seeds Bear Fruit In Ministry

Each and every spiritual lesson during college prepared Justin for his current ministry at Gregory House. 

Situated in a less “desirable” neighborhood in Springfield, Illinois, Gregory House seeks to bring intentional community and the love of Jesus to the neighborhood, investing in an area that many in the community avoid.

Here, Justin uses it all—the humility to keep his role in perspective, the passion for relationships, the perseverance through conflict and stress. Even the lessons in sportsmanship from his days on the soccer field come in handy; many of the neighbor kids play sports together and notice Justin’s emphasis on respect and teamwork over winning.

Above All, Follow

Justin picked up one final lesson on his way out the door at Greenville University. He realized that God’s call may not look the same for everyone.

“Sometimes Jesus does call us to a job right out of college, and that is awesome,” he says. 

For others, including Justin himself, the road turns differently. “I signed on for this ministry with no guarantee of a space to live and no guarantee of money. But this is where Jesus was calling.”

God was faithful to work out the details.

“Recognize where Jesus is calling, respond in trust, and He will lead you on the right path,” Justin says of his experience.

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This story was published on November 14, 2017

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