News - From Spielberg to Skiing: Innovative Learning at Interterm

From Spielberg to Skiing: Innovative Learning at Interterm

by Rachel Heston-Davis From Spielberg to Skiing: Innovative Learning at Interterm

Many alumni count Interterm as among their favorite memories of GC life. Focusing on one class for three weeks, apart from the semester routine, invites professors to think outside the box in terms of content and delivery. 

The College has built a repertoire of unique educational experiences only offered during Interterm. Here’s a sampling of Interterm 2017’s most unusual and exciting classes.

Pirates, Pillage & Plunder 

This trip to the Dominican Republic, headed by Richard Huston, conveys the history of the region’s occupation and settlement in a new way:

  • Scuba diving the Meso-American Reef on a Caribbean Island
  • Learning the island’s history as a pirate pit-stop
  • Meeting modern-day descendants of pirates

Cuisine and Culture

Deloy Cole and Doug Faulkner invite students to a banquet of information—geographic, historical, cultural, religious and economic—about food availability and food consumption.

  • Dine on cuisine from various cultures
  • Trips to St. Louis and New Orleans
  • Restaurant visits and cooking

Watch their video HERE!

Great Movie Making

For more than 20 years, Jack Chism's Great Movie Making course has examined the finest of Hollywood's classics full length, uncut and on the big screen.

  • Learn from the greats: Spielberg, Coppola, Hitchcock and more
  • Compare the film medium vs. television shows
  • Students script, shoot, and edit a film project

Movie Madness

Rich Beans utilizes film to introduce topics covered in Intro to Psychology: psychopathology and therapy, sensation and perception, learning and memory, social dynamics and personality.

  • Film paired with reading and discussion
  • Examining where Hollywood gets it right—and wrong—about psychology
  • Taking the perspective of viewer, director and cultural era

Brazil Trip

Through a trip to Brazil, Jane Bell leads an exploration of the differences in business leadership styles between the United States and other parts of the world. Highlights of the trip:

  • On-site visits to organizations in San Paulo and Rio De Janeiro
  • Lively class discussion about leadership formation
  • Exposure to unfamiliar cultural norms

Healthy Kitchen and Body

George Barber takes a look at the typical Western diet and its pitfalls, integrating a Biblical perspective on food and considering a whole-foods diet for energy and health.

  • Examination of the social and emotional “traps” around food
  • Cooking healthy versions of meals, fast food, snacks and desserts
  • PLYO and T25 for a healthy mind and body


Larry Sayler directs a class of aspiring jugglers as they learn to keep objects in the air and even perform some impressive fire-swallowing feats.

  • All students practice three-ball juggling
  • Instruction on juggling with a partner
  • Add rings, clubs, and even raw eggs to the mix


Students can improve their photography skills on land and under the sea in this class led by Jacob Amundson.

  • Trip to Utila, a bay island of Honduras
  • Underwater photography
  • Escape the gloom of a Midwest January

Psychology of Skiing

Immediate application makes for quick learning. Eric Watterson teaches the foundations of sports psychology through a skiing trip.

  • Trip to a Colorado ski resort
  • Research sports psychology, then apply on the slopes

Special focus on skill acquisition and performance assessment 

This story was published on January 24, 2017

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