Business Management, BS

Bachelor of Science
Business Management

Business Management at Greenville University 

Offered through the Briner School of Business, the business management degree delivers a foundation of core business topics. Students complete hands-on coursework, analyze industry challenges, and develop thoughtful solutions. Guided by a faculty of business experts, you will learn how to create a collaborative work environment that brings out the best in your employees. Better yet, you will practice those environments through group projects in which you solve real-world business issues and work with real business partners. 

Greenville University’s business management degree helps you improve outcomes for your business and the world. Through a curriculum grounded in Christian leadership, you will gain skills to lead with integrity while working toward organizational goals.

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Experience First Program
GU students take their skills out of the classroom by partnering with regional businesses to provide them with real-world solutions in our Experience First project course. Students have worked with the likes of Rural King, Interfaith Youth Corp, GOEX Apparel, Landau Boats, Marcoot Jersey Creamery, and more!
Meet top industry experts

Learn, experience, and network with industry professionals. Engage with alumni doing what you want to do through our Community Circles and build your network before you even leave college!


Intern at companies in St. Louis, learn from professors who have experience in the field, and take advantage of faculty and alumni with industry connections. You'll graduate with a degree, a resume of experience, and a network. 

Why GU


Degree completion option. Complete your undergraduate degree with our 100% online business management major.


Christ-centered learning. Use your business management major to serve God by combining your Christian values with sound business practices.


Deepen your education. We’re a liberal arts school. That means you get a holistic education that introduces you to many subjects and ideas, helping you grow your interests and skills. 

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Business Management, BS Success Story

Success Stories

One of the best experiences in the business management program was being connected to people who had your dream job. Meeting professional business leaders inside and out of the classroom gave me a front row seat into what I wanted my future to look like. The constant feedback and mentorship I received from professors in the Briner School of Business grew my confidence by always telling me, "it's your turn."

-Natilyn Hepburn-Beaty

Business Management, BS Course Requirements

The business management major requires completion of 57 credits and leads to a bachelor of science degree.

Visit the Online Catalog for an explanation of graduation requirements.