Physics, BS

Bachelor of Science

Physics at Greenville University

Step into an experimental field relevant to emerging technologies. Learn to make sense of life’s physical, chemical, and biological processes. With the individualized attention and small class sizes you'll receive at GU, you'll be prepared to succeed in graduate school.

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Practical application
From stealth technology to quantum cryptography, applications of physics have the potential to impact many technological advances in our modern world.
Tradition of excellence

Bring your love of physics to GU, where students benefit from what was once the only ion accelerator south of Champaign-Urbana. Today’s students conduct research in a quantum information lab. Recent graduates have received full tuition waivers at leading universities to pursue advanced studies in astrophysics, quantum optics, condensed matter, and more.

Graduate school preparation

A physics degree at GU equips you for success in a graduate school program.

Why GU


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Science that informs faith; faith that informs science. Learn from professors whose Christian faith and science intertwine.


Work with advanced instrumentation. Gain valuable hands-on experience in quantum information and nanotech labs. Add research and presentation experience to your resume.


Personalized attention. Experience personal growth and plan your career under the guidance of faculty who know your name and cheer your success. GU’s low 11:1 student/faculty ratio and community atmosphere allow professors to invest in their students, and know your strengths and abilities in the field of social work.

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Physics, BS Success Story

Success Stories

Ultimately, the environment and opportunities present at GU lead to success, and I am blessed to have been a piece of that reality.

-Collin Kessinger

Physics, BS Course Requirements

Visit the Online Undergraduate Catalog for an explanation of graduation requirements.