Bachelor of Arts

Spanish at Greenville University

Become a global ambassador for Christ as you gain language skills, cultural experiences, and literary knowledge of the Spanish-speaking world. Learn the language from patient, caring professors. Study in a Spanish-speaking country for a semester to master your skills, and graduate equipped to serve in various industries.

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Spanish is the second most spoken language of the United States. Fluency in Spanish often leads to careers in international business, government, travel and tourism, social services, education, and much more. Many GU students double major in Spanish and another field of interest.
Inspired learning

Caring professors and a positive atmosphere will fuel your passion for the Spanish language and cultural studies. Discuss, research, and broaden your worldview alongside instructors and supportive classmates who share your passion.


Travel the Spanish-speaking world as a Spanish major at GU. Join classmates on a mission trip to Mexico, Costa Rica, or the Dominican Republic. Study abroad in Spain, Central America, or Mexico. Traveling abroad is part of our curriculum.

Why GU


Christian discipleship. Mentors and discipleship opportunities at GU grow your faith as you prepare for your next steps.


Learning environment. Small class sizes, caring faculty, and a Christ-centered program create a supportive learning environment that fuels your passion for the Spanish language and cultural studies.


Deepen your education. We’re a liberal arts school. That means you get a holistic education that introduces you to many subjects and ideas, helping you grow your interests and skills. 

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Spanish, BA Success Story

Success Stories

I had no idea that my Spanish studies would take me so many places and expose me to so many different things! It was never just about learning the Spanish language, but [it] was about discovering how mastering Spanish—partnered with an expanded worldview—could be used to seek and glorify God in diverse contexts.

-Britney Villhauer, Spanish major

Spanish, BA Course Requirements

Visit the Online Undergraduate Catalog for an explanation of graduation requirements.

The Spanish major leads to a bachelor of arts degree, and requires 30 credits above the elementary or 101/102 level in addition to one semester abroad or two semesters in the GU Spanish House.