Bachelor of Arts

Theology at Greenville University

Draw near to God in your study of Christian thought and life. Deepen your faith and expand your understanding of God and creation as you learn the history of the church, study the Bible, and prepare for a future in the area of ministry you choose.

Providing a solid theology basis, our program allows you to pursue a track either in Ministry or Biblical Studies.  

The focus of the Ministry track includes theological and practical applications of ministry that conclude in a valuable internship experience. A degree with a track in Theology / Ministry prepares you for ministry of all types (pastoral, parachurch, etc.), as well as careers as a teacher, professor, lawyer, journalist, and businessperson.

The focus of the Biblical Studies Track is to develop your understanding of biblical texts, languages, and methods of interpretation. A degree with a track in Theology / Biblical Studies prepares you for careers in public and Christian education, law, business, and journalism.

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Beyond the classroom
Apply your education beyond the classroom. Study the scriptures abroad, attend lectures and conferences featuring top international scholars in the field, and take advantage of GU’s collaboration with other institutions across the country and the world.
Global Christianity

Travel with GU theology professors for overseas courses in places like Israel, Honduras, Spain, and more.

Seminary Success

Embrace lifelong learning and discipleship as you prepare for seminary or graduate school.

Why GU


Unity. Nurture positive relationships with the whole body of Christ. GU’s Andrews Chair brings together Christians of various denominations and backgrounds for learning and sharing. GU’s Shapiro Chair promotes respectful Christian engagement with the Jewish community with studies that blend Judaism and Christianity's interconnected past, present, and future.


Seminary success. Join the ranks of GU graduates who pursue graduate studies at acclaimed schools including Duke Divinity School, Dallas Theological Seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary, and others.


Focus your studies. Concentrate your studies in one of two areas, ministry or biblical studies. Our ministry concentration includes an internship and philosophical and practical applications of ministry. In our Biblical studies concentration, you'll grow in your understanding of biblical texts and languages.  


Bachelor’s and master’s. With the pastoral leadership track at Greenville University and Seattle Pacific University, earn two degrees in five years. Complete your bachelor of arts in Theology in three and a half years at GU, then transfer to SPU to earn your master of arts in Christian leadership in just a year and a half.

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Theology, BA Success Story

Success Stories

I decided to come to GU because I love the community here. I was surrounded by great people that really invested in me and always pushed me to be greater than I formerly was.

-Johnny Milabu

Theology, BA Course Requirements

Visit the Online Undergraduate Catalog for an explanation of graduation requirements.

The theology major requires completion of 33-39 credits (depending on the chosen concentration) and leads to a bachelor of arts degree.



Areas of Study

Biblical Studies