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Residence Halls

The residential communities of Greenville University are created to foster student success both inside and outside of the classroom.

Students relaxing in hammocks outdoors2


Carrie T. Burritt Hall

Carrie T. Burritt Hall is the largest all-female hall with four wing and multiple room setups, including suite style. One main lounge and three-floor lounges to hang out. Each floor has kitchens to make goodies with friends. 


Duane E. Hood Hall

Duane E. Hood Hall is one of the newest residence halls on campus, designed for female and male students on separate floors. Large lounge spaces for hanging out. 


Walter A. Joy and H. Fred Janssen Halls (JJ)

Walter A. Joy and H. Fred Janssen Halls (JJ) provide a traditional male residence hall experience. JJ Men participate in great traditions and events like table tennis tournaments and other crazy competitions. Build brotherhood here


Mary A. Tenney and Elva E. Kinney Halls (TK)

Mary A. Tenney and Elva E. Kinney Halls (TK) are sought after for their floor plans, personal space, and communal living . Here students find peace and quiet but are still close to the hot spots on campus. 


Ellen J. Mannoia Hall

Newly remodeled Ellen J. Mannoia Hall house roughly 80 students. Its three stories houses upperclassmen, women, and men with an apartment-like feel. Each "pod" has three bedrooms, a large bathroom, a kitchenette, and a living room. The residence hall also features large lounges for hosting all-campus events. 


University Hall

The planned four-story 40,000 square-foot building on College Avenue will accommodate 246 beds, and feature a 4,000 square foot state-of-the-art workout facility. The strategic location connects students to the downtown square and increases economic development opportunities for the City of Greenville. The institution envisions the new residence hall as a space where students live, learn, work, and play.


University Hall progress



Campus Houses 

Thanks to generous community members, campus houses provide a “home-away-from-home” style of living. Each house has a living room area, a kitchen, a dining room space, and bathrooms. Some houses also include a porch and yard. Students live in small groups of 4-11 in one house. Each house is situated on a different part of campus but provides a great way to learn how to live life with others outside of the collegiate setting. Upperclassmen usually utilize the campus houses.

Nancy Blankenship (Tower) Apartments

The recently remodeled apartments offer a space for small groups of 5-6 students who desire to live life together. Each of the 12 apartments has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a back door entry. Each apartment has a kitchen fully equipped with a washing machine, dryer, stove and oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher. There is easy access to an on-campus nature trail, The Gullies, right behind the building. Upperclassmen usually utilize the campus apartments.


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