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The Career and Calling Development Office encourages all students to enroll at least six credits of internship credit as part of their major. Furthermore we encourage students to do these credits at an internship site that is not owned by a family member, that is located off-campus and that affords significant cross-cultural experience.  

These recommendations are intended to help students develop a broad network of experiences and contacts in their career field.  Such experiences and networks will allow a student to more easily make the transition from college to career.  


Practicum / Internship 

(From the Academic Catalog) Each department offers a practicum or internship course numbered either 395 or 405. In this course the student applies theories and skills learned in the major. Each experience should include significant learning opportunities related to the student’s major field. Two supervisors are involved, a work supervisor and an academic supervisor. Students must sign up for the credit before they begin the practicum or internship. They must enroll for credit during the term in which most of the practicum/internship work is completed. Forty to sixty hours of work experience is required for each credit awarded. The experience may be paid or unpaid.

Each department has determined whether practicum or internships will receive letter grades or will be pass/fail. The departmental description contains the grading method. Students must consult with their academic supervisor at least twice during the experience. A learning experience summary paper following departmental guidelines is required as is a final interview with the academic supervisor. A maximum of 12 credits may be earned per degree. Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing with a 2.0 GPA, 18 semester credits completed in the area of study, and departmental approval.

Students interested in doing an internship for academic credits should speak to their academic advisor.

Benefits to Employers

  • A resource to obtain pre-professional staff to assist with short-term and immediate range needs, as well as seasonal and special projects.
  • Provides an opportunity to preview potential candidates for entry-level professional positions.
  • Allows permanent staff to pursue higher-level responsibilities.
  • Motivates staff to continue learning as they train and supervise co-op students.
  • Strengthens relationships with the University community and faculty. 

Benefits to Students

  • Opportunity to integrate classroom theory with workplace practices.
  • Develop greater clarity about academic and career goals.
  • Learning new or advanced skills and expand technical knowledge by using work site equipment.
  • Transcript recognition for completion of co-op or internship program
  • Receive pay while obtaining relevant professional career related experience.

Program Procedures

  • Student meets with faculty adviser to discuss the nature of the placement, learning objectives and goals.  Faculty adviser monitors progress of the student.
  • Student completes 40 clock hours of work for each hour of college credit earned.
  • Coordinator of Career Services coordinates paperwork, acts as liaison between student and site supervisor.
  • Student completes an evaluation upon completion of hours and writes a summary paper.
  • Site supervisor completes a final evaluation of the student’s performance.

Greenville Illinois Chamber of Commerce Internship Program

  • The Greenville Illinois Chamber of Commerce members offer students high quality internship programs close to campus.

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