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How to stay healthy during this gloomy weather


Published: February 09, 2023

Author: Minh Do

I step on the crackling icy grass, trying to walk as fast as I can toward the library under the constant wind. The freezing cold air quickly gets under my sweater; my body craves for the gentle warm air inside my room…

In this freezing weather, students tend to get drained much easier, and you find yourself hardly opening your eyes, swirling your hand around until you hit the snooze button. You don’t see the need to get yourself moving; the motivation for productivity and future goals flies away.

Winter is said to be the depressed season as the temperature is too unpleasant for people to get out of their comfy rooms filled with space heaters. Please don’t stress yourself out, these are all common symptoms of the winter season. Many of us are balancing study time and jobs, which brings a huge amount of stress and anxiety, so it is normal to feel that way.

How to stay healthy during this gloomy weather

Why don’t you consider spicing up your mental and physical health by:

Bouldering Indoors in Burritt Gym

How to stay healthy during this gloomy weather

This is an absolutely fun sport to try and excel at. As bouldering is an indoor activity, you can comfortably climb without the deadly-cold wind. If you want to try outdoor climbing in the future, this is a great place to practice as it will build up a climbing mindset and a sense of balance. Thick, safety mats are set underneath therefore no worries if you fall while climbing! Exercise will benefit your health, but you have to do it correctly to prevent harming yourself.

Preparation and Practice

In order to climb efficiently and stay away from any potential injuries….

  • Please warm up beforehand! Do some stretching, get your heart rate up a little bit, and let your joints do their full motion a few times.
  • While you climb, please visualize your intended path before moving.
  • Balance is the key!
  • Last but not least, don’t get annoyed if you have not made it because you will improve over time!

Joining the Gym Rats Association

How to stay healthy during this gloomy weather

Winter and laziness are best friends who keep you inside your room. Are you the one who needs some real encouragement and instructions to stay strong and healthy? If this sounds like you, the Gym Rats Association is the perfect missing piece for your health puzzle. This club is filled with people just like you, who want to exercise and have fun, but do it efficiently!

You don’t have to be an athlete to join this club. Let’s go out there and find gym buddies that will work together with you to achieve your goals! President of Gym Rats Association Ethan Greene said: “I want people to know that there are no requirements to join, just bring a good attitude.”

The benefits of joining Gym Rats!

Highlights of this club that you don’t want to miss!

  • A certified personal trainer is a member of the team,
  • Annex and Burritt Gyms are two frequent locations,
  • Diversity in Gym Rats is highly emphasized, so everyone is more than welcome to join,
  • If you need a workout partner, Gym Rats offers a team to enhance your motivation in pursuing your fitness goals!

These two suggestions hopefully will bring back your lost energy and enhance your mood on these gloomy winter days. Please stay warm with heat-tech clothing and get yourself going outside to the gym! Sonya Jones, Greenville University sport and kinesiology professor said: “Taking care of your physical health can improve your mental health. By doing some form of physical activity, you can find yourself in a better mood and a better disposition. It can also improve your self-esteem and reduce your stress level. It truly is a win/win!”

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