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Student Guide

Calling all college students - Crush finals week like a pro

Are you so excited for the summer but then realize you have final exams and projects to get through before those sun-soaked days with your...

Minh Do  |  May 03, 2024

Student Guide

Master time management: Stress-free guide for college students

Are you having trouble with your routine? Do day and night seem to mix up and you don’t know how all your work can be...

Minh Do  |  May 01, 2024

Student Guide

Translate your university experience into skills employers value

Are you having a hard time imagining how your university experience can make your resume stand out? What could campus life and classes possibly mean...

Minh Do  |  April 12, 2024

Endorsements for Teachers

Teaching Opportunities in the State of Illinois

Teaching opportunities in the State of Illinois Are you a teacher who is just starting your career? Or do you already have twenty years of experience...

Delaney Phillips  |  February 25, 2024

Endorsements for Teachers

Invest in Your Future with an Early Childhood Endorsement

Healthy development in early childhood helps prepare children for the educational experiences of kindergarten and beyond. A strong foundation of quality care and learning is...

Laura Schaub, Early Childhood Professor and Program Coordinator  |  February 25, 2024

Endorsements for Teachers

Transformative Trails: Embracing Faith, Love, and Advocacy in Special Education

Life's journey unfolds along winding paths, revealing unexpected twists that shape our destinies. My odyssey toward becoming a special education teacher is a narrative interwoven...

Dr. Crystal Effler-Foles  |  February 25, 2024

Endorsements for Teachers

Why This Summer May Be the Right Time for You to Earn Your Illinois ESL Endorsement

It’s said that teachers don’t have the summer off; they just do a year’s worth of work in 10 months! If you’re one of these...

Carla Morris  |  February 11, 2024

Endorsements for Teachers

Embracing the Role of a Special Education Advocate: My Journey Back to School

As a mom with two decades of experience in the education field, the decision to return to school to earn my Special Education LBS1 endorsement...

Kasey Laughlin  |  February 05, 2024

Endorsements for Teachers

How to Pick an Online Program for your Education Endorsement

When can you take an online endorsement program? What time do you have free? Would you rather take it during the school year on top...

Dana DeFreezer  |  February 04, 2024

Experiential Learning

Climb Experience - transformative gap-semester program

Don’t know what to do after you graduate high school? How about a gap-semester program that combines education and ministry in Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic?...

Minh Do  |  January 31, 2024

Student Testimony

Gen Z-ers - the diligent worker bees

A commentary on the article: “Is Gen Z unprepared for the workforce? Experts weigh in.” by Kristine Parks Recently, Fox Business released an article about how...

Minh Do  |  January 23, 2024

Student Life

College life in a Small Town

Just the perspective of someone who is in love with this town. Spending your college time here in Greenville - a small town in Illinois -...

Minh Do  |  January 15, 2024

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