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Let It Fly - My time at GU


Published: April 27, 2023

Author: Benjamin Schuette

What makes someone want to spend five years in college? Especially in a small town, 45 miles away from the closest city? My answer is always, “Greenville feels like home”.

I’m Benjamin Schuette, a fifth-year student at Greenville University, triple majoring in Computer Information Systems, Business Management and Marketing is here to tell you my story and experience. 

Getting Involved

Freshmen and sophomores are eager to leave home, make new friends, and experience new things. Many of us are excited to join new clubs and be more involved on campus.

For me, it happened at the start of my junior year:

I remember that I became more involved on campus the semester after we all left due to the COVID-19 pandemic in mid-March, 2020. It was fall semester, and we were all back on campus after experiencing a major life changing event. I got offered a position to be a Resident Assistant (RA) for Kinney Hall

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