"Great Jobs, Batman!" - Dynamic Duo Uncovers Clues to Rewarding Work Experiences

Published: April 13, 2021

Juniors Kami Suess (pictured, at left) and Aaron Phillips may not have sported superhero masks and capes when they visited Los Angeles this fall, but dynamic still describes the duos work as part of Greenville Colleges Great Jobs Project.

Great Jobs is a collection of videos that capture personal stories and insights about the pursuit of meaningful work.

Bob Fry of Promoting Good Work invited students from GCs Briner School of Business (BSB) to conduct half a dozen interviews with successful professionals in the L.A. area. Suess and Phillips gathered reflections from professionals who effectively represent Christ in the workplace persons BSB namesake and author Bob Briner 56 would call roaring lambs.

Click here to view a sampling of Great Jobs videos.

From comic books to digital display storytelling endures

Briner famously relied on story as a vehicle for compelling communication in conversation and writing. He peppered his books with vivid images and memorable narratives about the time that . . .

Briner School Dean Suzanne Davis describes the three-minute, student-produced Great Jobs videos as Briner-esque in this respect.

To date, GC students have captured more than 35 stories from professionals representing various industries. Typically, one student conducts the interview, while another handles the camera. Student-editors later mine the material for content that fits the Great Jobs theme.

The trip to L.A. drew stories from film producer Ken Wales (Amazing Grace) and former TV talk show host (The Interview), author-columnist Mark Joseph. Josephs books include The Rock & Roll Rebellion and Faith, God & Rock n Roll.

Holy jackpot, Batman!

The Great Jobs Project is a great fit for GC students on several levels:

  • It connects their present role as college students with future purpose in the workplace.
  • It draws them into conversations with persons who have already traveled the road of discovery and who welcome the opportunity to share what they know.
  • It packages the stories in easy bite-size pieces for quick viewing by other students, their targeted audience.
  • It connects todays students to Bob Briners legacy.
  • It reinforces Greenville Colleges already strong career focus. Last year, 97.5 percent of GC graduates were employed full-time or in graduate school within nine months of graduation.
A crime not to leverage experiential learning

The Great Jobs Project also gives students opportunities to practice skills that hiring managers value. For example, they:

  • Project professionalism in manner and dress.
  • Collaborate with others to produce great results.
  • Engage in thoughtful dialogue.
  • Accomplish work within given parameters, particularly a client's time and space.

To prepare for initial interviews, the students recorded practice interviews. They critiqued their performances and discussed needed improvements for everything from follow-up questions and lighting to camera angles and the interviewers appearance.

A sequel for sure

Having seen the students buy-in to the project and their growing confidence, Davis imagines more good to come. She envisions the College as a repository for information about how people acquire meaningful work, how they actually progress from here to there and how God orchestrates career and calling.

Interviewer Malvin Hubbard 16 agrees. After listening to a retired four-star general talk about entrepreneurial failure followed by resounding success, Hubbard is convinced that Gods orchestration cannot be left out of the mix.

He was about to make $25M on his next deal, said Hubbard of the military man turned entrepreneur. He told us, Im just going to donate the whole check to my church.

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